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Meat is murder yo; not only for the other creatures on the planet who are enslaved, confined, brutalized and killed needlessly by and for humans to fill their stomachs with dead animals, but animal meat MURDERS the human animals who eat them. The hood diet is gonna get you. Stop eatin that shit now before it gets you. Educate yourself.

Do children know who they are eating? Watch as a very smart young man takes video footage in Mc Donalds and films some of the children to see if they know about or understand what horror goes into the production and preparing of a little piece of carcass between two slices of bread for their eating pleasure; or, you could look for a gleam of the light bulb coming on in their eyes

A great thank you to Kevin from the FruitForLifeCo channel on youtube.  This lovely young, beautiful man spent his time to educate the youth about the unnecessary cruelty involved in their food.

COWS ARE SO CUTE – Watch these CUTE cows! Click the photo

Learning to cook is really the only answer. Cooking is the bomb. MURDERING is disrespect.

Listen to donnanlinkz talking about the Hood Diet. This system oppresses all living beings. Fighting the system begins with our plates. We can say F#%^ the system by eating healthy, not doing what we are told, not blindly believing what we are told without applying some thought to it, and most importantly, by being strong WE can have the energy and the guts to stand up for justice. For ALL.

Vegetables. What our bodies and minds need.

This brief FILM is of Colleen Patrick Goudreau giving a talk about fighting the system, foods, and she discusses key myths about veganism as well as excuses people make to avoid living a life of compassion for all. Thank you so very much to Colleen Patrick Goudreau for this amazing video.


This is what you need to feed yourself to be fit enough to fight the man.