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I love pigs. Pigs are cute. They are loveable. Pigs smile when they are happy, much like humans and other animals do. I don’t know why pigs have a bad rap. Pigs are used in our language pejoratively to describe policemen, (still guilty of this, though I try to break the habit!) bankers, people we think are dirty, people we think are perverted,  people who eat too much, people who are fat, and the list goes on. Pigs have it REAL bad. Do you think that just because a pig lives a life out of a cage that murdering the pig is still ok? Do you think there is such a thing as humane murder?

Pigs and tradition

In Spain to this day, there is an event called “la matanza”. I personally knew people in my past who partook of this happy festival themselves. This is a tradition where a family kills a pig together in their country home. All the family gets to see the brutality together, and mix and mingle in the bloody mess that is murdering for tradition’s sake. How does the family do this? Well, they buy a pig, the pig is either delivered to their holiday home, or they go and pick up the pig themselves, and they spend good quality time tying down the animal, and watching the life run out of him. Sounds like a blast, right? You know, I don’t like murder. Do you know the origin? During the Inquisition, people called “convertidos” which literally meant converted, showed that they were not Jewish by killing and eating pigs. It became a statement, demonstrating they were Christian. What good Jew would eat a pig? Many convertidos in Spain, and now MANY people in Spain, who lovingly put the legs of pigs on display in every SINGLE bar, restaurant, cafe, AND home.

Gestation Crates. Search it in your browser.

More Traditions

Remember that beloved book we all read as children; Charlotte’s Web? Children’s books are chocked full of beloved non human animals whom we grow to love, and who teach us about kindness and goodness; but what purpose does that serve us later in life? We learn to eat them. Remember Wilbur the pig? I remember well. Wilbur was groomed to be the top pig in the fair. There are annual state/county fairs all over the United States where pigs are “shown”. They have been treated like part of the family by those who raised them. Then these humans betray them. What happens to all of the “fair” pigs after they have been so lovingly raised, given pet names, treated with love, and won the farmer a ribbon? They end up just like their poor pig cousins who were raised in gestation crates and in massive factory farm buildings; dangling by their feet and bleeding out; while still alive. The only difference was that the former pigs didn’t get beaten to a bloody pulp out of sheer boredom by white trash rednecks who would prefer to do such heinous acts to their girlfriends and wives at home, or skinned alive for fun, just to watch them squeal in pain; again, by the same redneck losers. Thanks to James Cromewll of Babe, and of Six Feet Under, for his contribution to exposing these psychopaths.

Manly Man Traditions

The photo below recently passed around a social networking site. The photo below is a great demonstration of the human tradition of a game I like to call, “who’s your daddy”? This is a pissing contest, very common in the United States in which a game of shame, humiliation, and lack of dignity toward another living being is enacted in order to make “men” out of the sickos who do this. Aside from daily going home and beating their family members, some men are so stinking bored with their pathetic, miserable lives they have to do this to a beautiful, living being to prove their penises work. I am going to let you in on a little secret; they do NOT work brothas. Their tools don’t work because they ingest animal carcass and products all day long, which clog their arteries, veins, and capillaries, they have no empathy hence women don’t like them, they are so insecure they couldn’t get it up if they tried, and so they have to resort to getting their rocks off by abusing other living beings. What a rush. Evil fucks.

More Traditions: Wim’s Dirty Little Whim

Tattoos are a tradition that dates back to Neolithic times. We are still getting them today, and no longer are they a taboo, but they are a concept that the mainstream has accepted.  They can be an art form, and are colorful, can be unique, and often show others a glimpse into the inner workings of a person by looking at his/her outside. Speaking of tattoos, and tattoo artists; “meat” artist Wim Delvoye; a proclaimed vegetarian (cunty mcCunterson of the first order) who owns his own pig farm, (according to the article), and has fun tattooing his happy little piggies from his own farm. Click the first photo directly below for more information. According to this website, “Belgian artist Wim Delvoye had the original creative idea, a bit shocking, because he is a tattoo applied to pigs. He began his project in the U.S. at 1992nd, but it continued in China. Delvoye make tattoo on live pigs and pig skin. His drawings are fantastic, and the topics are diverse, from the flowers and the rich ornaments, to the Bible and drawing scary skeletons and skulls. Nice is the fact that Delvoye pigs used exclusively for the work of art, not for food, because he is a vegetarian.” (see second photo below of a happy pig) Pardon all the grammatical errors, as I am sure it was written in by a non-native speaker, probably in China, as that is where Wim decided to move his “ART PROJECT” of pig tattooing. (is the person who wrote this bloody stupid and blind? the douche of an artist had to have people hold down his “pets” while he injected ink into them; difficult enough for a human, and impossible for a pig unless you are drugged and forced, and he had the pigs killed to display his fucking art on taxidermied pigs jackass. they were probably cooked alive in a kiln.)

Someone needs to tell this psychopath that a pig doesn’t want to be forced to lie on his tattoo table. I’d like to do it myself, but the sack of shite ran off to somewhere in Asia where nobody could find him. Tell is a euphemism for among other things.

Foot and Mouth Disease

Do you know anything about foot and mouth disease? You can find that information HERE. Korea had an outbreak of the disease in the last year. This little piggy in the photo below didn’t have the disease, and was spared this.

Lastly, if you aren’t living under a stairwell, or blind, or in total denial, or a cunty mcCunterson, or a psychopath, or a person who likes violence, or a total hypocrite, and you feel like now is time to be the change you want to see in the world, you might try giving up bacon, ham and BBQ, or donating to a sanctuary. Humane meat is a bloody myth. It doesn’t MATTER if pigs live a good life before they are murdered. They are STILL murdered. Below is a sanctuary near me, for which I have walked and raised money two years in a row.

On really great sanctuary.

Pigs are rad. Don’t kill them. Don’t ingest them.

If you need spare ribs, you might try eating less so you can actually feel that you have some yourself.