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“There is no moderation in murder. I am a to each his own kind of person, but that doesn’t apply to meat/eggs/dairy. You can’t not speak up. Someone’s life is involved.” -C Greco

It’s wonderful when people take the leap and leave violence behind by beginning with the food on their plate. It’s even more wonderful when they become activists, and inform others of the reality of their food, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and body care.  We all have time to spare, when it comes to educating others about how to live OUTSIDE of a hypocritical society that speaks against violence on the one side, while continually perpetuating the idea that it is OK to inflict hell on non human creatures. This is why I have been creating signs, and flyers, and actually spend at least 2 hours daily putting flyers on cars, inside the university, and all over. The time of the Occupy movement is fertile soil to till the minds of the dead asleep. It’s time to wake them up to reality that they would dare not see. Humans are not better than others. Speciesism must be introduced anywhere you can find a place to introduce the concept. We are ONLY different. We are primates with a more developed cortex. There is no excuse. We should know better.

While we are on the subject of knowing better, it is my opinion that NO true self respecting feminist could ever eat another animal, nor drink her mother’s milk. If we are to discuss feminism, and think of the idea of the oppressed, we must turn our attention to the billions of female non human animals who are exploited for there mothers’ milk.  They are confined, they are raped with mechanical tools to continue impregnating them about once a year so they continually give milk, their babies are taken from them, the mothers are forced to suffer extreme pain from infections, forced to continue giving of their milk which is meant for their babies ONLY, and not only this, but the males are taken away and either tossed aside like garbage and killed because they are of no use in the dairy industry, OR, the males are immediately confined to tiny cages, they do not get enough nutrients and not enough exercise so they can remain anemic, and that once they are killed in a few months time, their dead flesh will be white, (from anemia) and tender. (from non-use of their muscles as they were confined.) These things of which I speak are only a couple of the dairy industry’s dirty little secrets.  They have MANY. Dairy is veal, but dairy is enslavement of females by the billions so an industry may remain profiting. The dairy industry has NEVER, nor has it ever had to prove that dairy is healthy; in fact, it is just their marketing campaign to continue to get people to buy their insanely cruel products, and it is regulated by people who have interests in making money from the industry. It is time, right now, for people to begin to look around at all those around us, and to see value in ourselves, AND other living beings, simply for being, and not because of what they can give us/do for us.  It starts with your plate; AND your glass. So the next time you tell me “I’m a vegetarian.” I will automatically assume that a) it’s because you are not aware of the above facts, (I don’t mind educating about them) or b) that you are too addicted to cheese (hear this one ALL the time) to be the change you want to see; the change of NO 2 violence.

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