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This unique animal rights flyer is the latest and greatest copy of “Occupy Your Kitchen”, created by myself, and finally inked and colored by an anonymous guest artist; who is in my opinion, the most talented  illustrator/graphic designer/cartoonist/web comic artist of the era. It is now ready to be used! This flyer was created from my desire to see something new in the animal rights movement: information from an individual, unaffiliated with any organization, which would appear genuine, and to which people could not say, “oh, just another PETA flyer.”  I wanted to share my knowledge as a person in the health care field with people who weren’t exposed to some of the nuggets of knowledge to which I myself have been. I have a master’s in nursing; although I admit to being a round peg in a square hole most of the time; and proud of it.  By creating this flyer, I wanted to marry animal rights, environmentalism and health all on one pretty, homemade page. A big thank you to the artist who used much of his valuable time to help me, and for whose acts of selflessness and kindness on behalf of the voiceless, who NEED us to speak for them will not go unappreciated. You can do the same, and speak up for the voiceless by following these simple steps: click on the image, download, print and share!

Click on the image to download/open the PDF of “Occupy Your Kitchen” for your viewing pleasure, or to download and print to handout. If you would prefer to download the uncolored version for ease of printing or because it’s cheaper, click HERE. I send the PDF file of the colored version of OCCUPY YOUR KITCHEN online, HERE, to print and mail to me. Please use it. Thank you.