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In honor of Fur Free Friday, on 25 November, I would like to say a few words about the wearing of fur:

CLICK THE PHOTOS. WATCH THE VIDEOS. Beginning with the first photo, you can watch a film entitled, “Fun Fur”, by Mark Rissi, which discusses the Chinese fur trade. These abused and dead animals’ skins are being bought by the United States, places in Europe, and Japan. The money MUST stop flowing in. Speak out.

There is absolutely no need to wear the skin of another animal. Wearing the skin of another animal in no way makes a person look attractive. The only thing that it makes a person look like is a cruel, selfish, filthy, heartless, sack of excrement.  Most people who wear fur, it’s true, probably have no idea where their fur clothing came from, who it came from, how the animal from whom it came was raised, nor how its skin was obtained. This is why people like you and I must continue to educate the ignorant of their grave error in the wearing of another being’s skin.

*Little fact

To a vegan, wearing clothing such as leather, suede or feathers is considered wearing another creature’s skin, but for simplicity’s sake, I am not going to discuss leather in this particular post, although, ALL SKIN OF OTHER ANIMALS IS TOTALLY WRONG, so get your hippie, REI shoes and feather jacket wearing, vegetarian (or not) ass out of your dead cow skin Birkenstocks, and get into some canvas or something, or try








OR, look to your left under the heading, “compassion in your fashion” and choose from any of those sites for new ideas for clothing and footwear.



In case you think that these photos are just rare examples, all you have to do is click HERE for more information, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE, do a few searches on Google and you will find plenty of information about the industry, their practices, how many clothing items have fur from dogs and cats in China; they don’t have to label it, also, how dogs and cats in China are raised, abused, and then forced to watch one another being skinned alive after living in filthy conditions their entire lives.

Skinning dog alive. Happens ALL the time in China.Click the photos.
FOXES  click the photos!

These two photos below are from an Igualdad Animal, or, Animal Equality anti fur demonstration. The sign he holds reads, “dress without skins (or fur)”. If you click on either of the photos below, you will be able to see undercover footage the organization Igualdad Animal took of a fur farm.

It is up to you to begin spending your money wisely, and spending less money in general. Consumerism is ruining the planet. Buy a few good, basic items, go to used clothing stores, and make good choices. Don’t be a total ass. Don’t wear skins of other animals. Just wear your own HUMAN skin.


This is a cruel and unnecessary disgrace, and shows the callousness of humanity.

FUR kills. Don’t be a murdering, heartless bastard. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, you have many options. Explore them; without harming other living beings.