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Now THIS is the kind of snuff film I can sink my teeth into; snuff that is of the undead variety.

I have been seeing these two words, (vegan and snuff) pop up together in many searches I have done in order to find solid footage of the heinous corporate practices in the treatment of non human animals. In fact, someone typed that into a search today, and it took them to my page. If I look at my stat page, I can see what searches take a person to Vegangster. What exactly does “vegan snuff” mean?

It means absolutely NOTHING.

This term is nonsensical. It is a tactic used by people who are violent, love to kill animals, abuse them, eat them and protect their ability to do so, by spreading false information and insisting that vegans, (people who live as violent free a life as possible, and who want the world to be free of violence) put up videos for the pure enjoyment of watching suffering.


When I post video footage, it is to demonstrate the reality of what a day in the miserable life of a non human animal is like. I don’t sit around eating bloody popcorn and watching non human animals in cramped cages, crapping on themselves, dying on top of one another, and being murdered. The fear that is ABSOLUTELY evident in a non human animal that is being abused, and is about to be murdered is not something that gets my rocks off. In fact, it brings me to tears. There is no such thing as an unbeliever when it comes to the documented footage; there are only humans in denial because the truth is too painful, or because they want to protect what they deem is their right to use other species for their pleasure. Non human animals are being brutally tortured for humans, and it MUST be exposed. It must be revealed so people can make informed decisions about how to live up to the values they purportedly have.

I post articles and footage because it is taking place in reality; right this very second to be precise. I speak the truth, I make zero money for this, I speak up for the underdog, and I WILL show you what is not happening right before your eyes, but behind closed doors. Corporations making money off the torture, abuse, and murder of living beings will NEVER show what goes on inside their buildings, (if they did NONE of them would exist) they will do WHATEVER it takes to perpetuate the demand for their products by hiding their practices, even if it means perpetrating violence on other species beyond our wildest nightmares, and you can bet your sweet bottom that my purpose in life is to show you EXACTLY what you are buying, eating, wearing and murdering.

Speaking of snuff films, here is one about the life of egg laying hens who are caged and who are forced to pop out their periods for Mcdonalds, and many other restaurants all over the United States; restaurants who serve all kinds of chicken periods for salivating humans. Thank you to Mercy For Animals for the undercover investigation of the egg laying hen’s lives for Mcdonalds and other restaurants. By the way; as a man, I find it repulsive that the males of other species get the crap end of the stick. Did you know that most male chicks are ground up alive, as they are useless in the egg laying hen industry? Males in the dairy industry get it just as bad, if not worse, as they don’t get killed as babies, and live about two months of a life of hell because they are not females and don’t produce milk for humans, so they are forced to live their short lives as “veal” calves for a couple months in a 2 X 4 space, until they go HERE. Thank you to Igualdad Animal, one of my favorite organizations, for this investigative footage to show people what exactly they are supporting, and for their tremendous work in the rights for all animals of the earth.

Call it snuff. Call it vegan snuff. I call it a bloody, unnecessary reality that humans inflict on other species because we think others are here to serve us. Disgraceful.

Joaquin Phoenix isn’t a “vegan snuff” addict, and boy does he sure know how to narrate a film.