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Look for your city’s Fur Free Friday demonstration, the day after that good old corporate holiday of “Thanksgiving”, and to do something unusual; bring some unique signs with you and go do a demo. They are already 18 X 24 PDFs for you to send to a printer. Have them printed and laminated. If you would like any of the five signs/posters I designed for Fur Free Friday, Click on each individual photo for that specific PDF file to download to your computer. Use Them! Share.

Raccoon Dogs mutilated in Asia for our vanity

Piles and piles of beautiful non humans skinned for vanity

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna & Kayne West KILL for vanity.

Not only are they ugly as hell, they are PAINFUL for the non humans.

Fur is disgusting. It belongs on the animal, and not on a vain, selfish, sociopathic human. Leave the fur on the earthling who needs it. How would you like to be skinned for a jacket for another earthling?

If you need a role model, why not look at the rapper, Waka Flocka below, and click his photo to watch a brief video.