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Millions are tucked in at their tables, rejoicing in the festivities that are indicative of giving thanks. For this holiday Joaquin Phoenix and I want people to be TRULY thankful. Our cush lives are made possible thanks to the billions of slaves that are forced to sacrifice their lives for human pleasure, gluttony, and entertainment.

Click the beautiful photo of the lovely Joaquin Phoenix to watch the film he narrates called “Earthlings”.  It is FREE ONLINE

This year, Joaquin Phoenix and I want the slavery that permeates the globe to be elucidated, so people can once and for all make thoughtful, conscientious decisions when they shop, and to stop contributing to slavery. It’s time to give TRUE thanks. The only way that can happen is if humans once and for all recognize that they must give thanks to all the billions of martyrs made in the name of human gluttony, vanity, and selfishness. My & Joaquin Phoenix’s Thanksgiving wish is that people watch him in the film he narrates entitled, “Earthlings.” Is that just too much to ask? Is that wish too unrealistic? SHIT, it’s free online! Click the photo.