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Since Mother Jones wrote a fantastic article in their November/December issue entitled, The Cruelest Show On Earth” (please click HERE as well, and read the article and learn about Feld entertainment‘s settlement to the USDA of $270,000) about the Ringling Bros. circus, and since I demonstrated for several days in two different locations against the despicable moneymaking machine that is Ringling in my neck of the woods a couple months ago, I decided to also write a brief post about the thing that so many humans grew up loving; the circus. I simply must give a shout out to this site for the very thorough and informative work done to show how Ringling, and really, ALL circuses, go about training the wild animals they enslave and use for the almighty dollar.

There is nothing of value in enslaving and forcing other earthlings that belong in the wild to do tricks for human entertainment. These animals, including but not limited to elephants, tigers, lions, bears, donkeys, zebras, camels, and more, do not want to be inside air conditioned buildings, they do not want to be traveling around in box cars on trains, these animals do not want to be riding on the highway in mack trucks, these animals belong left alone in their own habitat.

There are other ways of entertaining our kids and ourselves. There are circuses with only humans; for example, the Cirque du Soleil. There are films to see. There are gardens to plant. There are instruments to learn how to play. There are other places and countries to visit. There are walks in the park. There is food to learn how to cook. There are dance moves to learn. There is music to explore. There are books to read. There are values to teach the next generation; namely, to respect all living beings. In doing so, we should not be hypocritical and teach the next generation when they are young to love all living beings, showing them books anthropomorphising other earthlings, while on the same continuum feeding them dead animals, and buying them clothes of the skins of other earthlings we have taught them in books, movies and at the park that they should love and respect. There is no decency, nor any demonstration of family values in parents taking children to watch this horrific cruelty that is called a circus. Tradition is never reason enough to capture, enslave, and force our twisted desires on others species. Buying a ticket is tantamount to blood money.