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What’s the difference between a scientist and a sadist? Absolutely, bloody, NOTHING.

SCIENTIST:This person receives pleasure from the abuse of other sentient beings. It is highly likely that the pleasure center of the brain (the nucleus accumbens) of the scientist is activated while performing “research”.

Obese scientist, Kevin Grove’s obesity study; OSHU

SADIST:This person receives pleasure from causing abuse of other sentient beings. It is likely that the pleasure center of the brain of the sadist, (the nucleus accumbens) is activated during the process of abusing others.

Pinhead, otherwise known as the leader of the Cenobites in the Clive Barker series, Hellraiser, has a BAD case of schaudenfreude.

*Ok, I admit, there really is ONE difference. The scientist is LICENCED to commit sadism in institutions and laboratories all over the world, whereas the sadist is only able to carry out his/her deed in the privacy of his/her own home, or home of others.

* NOTE: For the sole purpose of the blog, and the ability to create an alliteration in the title, I have chosen to use the word scientist to describe those who perform, or have others (e.g., graduate students) perform research on animals. I am fully aware that the term applies to a very broad discipline. Thank you.

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This isn’t just some blog post written by a layperson. I am in the discipline of nursing, (post undergraduate degree) and I have had the luxury (if you want to call it that) of seeing things from behind the scenes for more than four years now. I have listened to, and had to read too many articles about the many tests performed on other species which would be enough to make any sane person find the nearest paper bag in which to spew up chunks of his/her last meal. Because of all the research articles I have been forced to read about the useless scientific experiments on non human animals, I have taken it upon myself to further investigate the field of research on non humans; and to ultimately expose the  things that non human animals are subjected to. I am appalled. I have been thoroughly disgusted by the human ego in our continued use of other species in order to keep up the status quo belief that research on non human animals is making for better medicine, and is improving science and the health of humanity.

We keep up morale by: locking up millions of non humans, forcing them to inhale, ingest, and breed, as well as cutting them open, burning them, making incisions into them to check their organs while they’re alive or to put in implants, blinding them, breeding them to make a hybrid that is missing genes, breeding them to be sick so we can try to cure them and then kill them, making them purposefully obese so we can try to make them thin, (are not there enough fat PEOPLE to study?) spraying chemicals in their eyes, noses and mouths, blowing smoke in their faces, dunking them in water to cause anxiety and stress and then pumping these creatures full of psychiatric medications to counteract that stress, to name only a few of the tests that these sadists inflict on other earthlings.

I have really HAD it with the lies about scientific research; and that is EXACTLY what they are. These lies are in every single article I have read. EVERY conclusion at the end of EVERY article says that the studies are NON conclusive, and MORE research is necessary. Why is more research necessary? It’s necessary to continue doing bogus research to keep people in their jobs. Even supposing these heinous crimes against nature DID save 100 people a year, which they DON’T, they would still NEVER have any rationale that could explain the unbelievable suffering these creatures endure. What I have read throughout my academic career has been unimaginable; millions and millions per year being used and abused for human vanity, greed, gluttony and inability to take a deep breath, act responsibility and do some self reflection. Humans are NOT the most important species on the planet, and absolutely not worthy of enslaving, torturing and murdering other animals so we can survive. We justify everything we do with an angle that makes these acts appear necessary to the laymen; after all, who would harm fluffy for the fun of it, if it weren’t actually doing any good? The answer to that question is simple: PLENTY of sadist/scientists would. Why, if they AREN’T sadists would they commit such horrible acts of violence on sentient beings, knowing that their research is bogus? Only they know.

The sadist/scientist stance: If we harm other animals to save humans, we say they are not like us, as they do not feel pain, but rather, just nociception; or, just a signal to the brain, but that isn’t feeling pain these sci-sadists say. So, if these non humans are not like humans, there should be no point in testing on them since the results will not be beneficial to teach us about what outcomes to expect with humans. But when they have to invent a justification to live out their sadism on these other earthlings, via their “research”, they then make the claim that these other animals are very similar to humans, hence give us a glimpse into how drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, and foods will affect humans. i think there is a MASSIVE disconnect here. We live in the 21st century. I am FULLY aware of that we all benefit in some way from past animal research done. I comprehend that vaccines against polio, (that’s the one everyone who is pro testing on living beings always throw out), and thyroid medications, and anti anxiety agents, etc. However, there are dozens of other methods and ways now of doing tests and trainings. Many companies have developed simulators, and computer programs, genes are much better understood, and we understand medications on their molecular levels, and how they affect humans; and yet, these methods using live animals are still used. Why? Writing grants for research gets the MOST money for live animals. Remember now, I am IN the field of academia and health care, and i have the ability to see behind the scenes at what exactly receives the most money. Simulators and computer programs will most likely just have one or two grants written, and once that money dries up, and the sims and programs are up and running, how will a sadentist make his/her money? Live animal research.

They feel pain just as we do, and need affection just like humans do. This is not only obvious, but is PROVEN in the tests that these sadist perform on the very animals they are abusing. I recall one particular study where the macaques were given the choice of going to a dummy monkey to hold and cuddle as opposed to the food bowl. They could only choose one or the other. They all starved to death. They NEED love and affection JUST like humans. If children were made aware that fluffy and daisy, and all the other cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, baby pigs, monkeys, chimpanzees et. al. were tortured, abused, neglected, shouted at, thrown, burnt, blinded, cut into, and the rest of the abuse they suffer, I highly doubt they would be alright with that. We know our children would NOT approve. This is why we don’t tell them. When they are old enough, they are taught if asked, that certain things are necessary for human health. We LIE to them when they are young by denying them reality, and we LIE to the adolescents when they ask why we abuse other creatures. We continue to hide the truth from them, because we know without a doubt that they would change the world with this knowledge; that they would put a stop to the brutality and violence once and for all, and this would put a LOT of frauds out of business indefinitely.

The scientist continues to write grants to get funding for use on live animals because they get much more money for live animals, than for research or training with simulators or other tests. Being in healthcare, and having a master’s in nursing and being an advanced registered nurse practitioner, is a surefire way to see right through the bullshit that these people want to feed us about all the wonderful tests they do that in reality, prove absolutely NOTHING, and help absolutely nobody.

These sadentists take out their hatred and frustration on defenseless sentient beings that cannot say NO and cannot defend themselves.  These sci-sadists say they do it in the name of science and helping humanity, when really they just need to keep their jobs, and continue paying for their large house, and upkeep of their BMW, Lexus, Audi or their Range Rover, and don’t forget, they have to send their children to private school which costs lots of money, and in order to do that, and keep up their standard of living, proving to all their neighbors that they are good people by all the big, bright and expensive material goods they have, they will breed, enslave, maim, and murder other species to do so.

*One thing which you most likely did NOT know: you are paying for ALL of this whenever you pay taxes, as well as fees to attend universities.

A few more photos of the sadists’ work:

These photos are NOTHING. They show NOTHING. They show a drop in the bucket of what these sadentists are doing behind closed doors. So, do you think that the millions and millions of rats, monkeys, cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs, rabbits, and the rest that are bred all over the world, and enslaved, tortured beyond your wildest nightmare, killed and thrown in trash bins are saving human lives? (and your pet’s life?) Please do more research, and don’t form an opinion before you know what is REALLY going on.  It is NOT helping; NONE of it. It all exists for profit; to make a bloody profit; and it is VERY bloody. What helps human health? What DOES help people have good quality of life is giving up eating meat, eggs, and dairy. That is even what WIC recommends; but since there is so much money to be made, nobody ever learns the real truth about how to be healthy, and the government makes loads of money from big agriculture industry. As I stated earlier, I am an advanced registered nurse practitioner. I am also a nutritionist. People are sick because of what they eat. People have most cancers because of how they eat. Almost all heart disease is because of how people eat. More money must be spent on studying humans. That is the only logical study. However, big pharmaceutical companies would not make money if people were cured. I see how things work from the INSIDE. I work with people who do research. I see how grants are written. Money runs out when you use simulations and computers. Money only flows in when you use live animals. Anyhow, I don’t choose one life over another; ever. That is not my place. I am not a god. Human beings ARE animals. Well, You can cut yourself and find out if you need to.

Someone on a Christian blog recently said that it isn’t murder if the being isn’t a human, and that it was unethical to call killing non human animals murder, and that the word only applies to humans. (even though humans are animals too) I won’t assume that any of you do, but you might have a dog or a cat. So, if someone took your cat, threw the cat against a wall repeatedly to try and stress the cat to cause the cat to have anxiety so the researcher could then give the cat a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, otherwise known as an antidepressant, to see if it helped the cat’s anxiety, and as a result the cat died, (remember, this hypothetical cat is YOUR “pet”), would you consider that an act of kindness to help a human who is self absorbed and may have depression, or would you consider it murder? As I said, I am an advanced practice registered nurse practitioner. I don’t need a bible to tell me who should and should not be killed. Thou shalt not kill is not limited to humans. We are making martyrs out of many more than 25 MILLION non human animals per day to satisfy human gluttony, vanity, pride, and lust to name a few of the sins committed daily because we deem humans more important because that’s our justification to ease our guilty conscience when we know these non human animals feel pain, affection, and fear just like we do. My hope is that all domesticated species become sterile via some infection, and can no longer breed to feed human lust and blood-thirst anymore.

If you want the truth about getting rid of disease, you will eat healthy, you will stop using body care products with hundreds of chemicals in them, and you will take control over YOUR life. Veganism is ONLY the moral baseline. Once you know what is taking place around you, it is YOUR responsibility to tell everyone you know. See they photo and click it to watch the vegan plant based diet pyramid explained. Remember, veganism is about the OTHERS, but your great health will be a BONUS.