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Click the photo below to watch the video from the 1980s. I can see a lot of you are clicking and watching it. That’s awesome. Have fun. Now, take the time to read the rest of the post which took days to put together, and is MUCH more important.

Thank you.


But in our world of plenty, we should spread a smile of joy!
Throw your arms around the world at christmas time.
But say a prayer – pray for the other ones;
At christmas time, it’s hard but when your having fun.
There’s a world outside your window;
And it’s a world of dread and fear;
Where the only water flowing is a bitter sting of tears.
And the Christmas bells that ring there, are the clanging chimes of doom;

Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you….

And there wont be snow in africa this christmas time
The greatest gift they’ll get this year is life…” – “Feed the World” – Sir Bob Geldoff

Is buying more stuff really giving?

Recently while attending an anti-fur rally, I saw some people demonstrating across the street. There were about ten of them, and they held signs which read, “Buy more stuff”. I thought to myself, “how clever! the perfect anti consumerist demonstration!” After I left my rally, I went over to find out just what these cats were all about. Since they were located in the area which until recently had been the camp ground for the Occupiers of the city, I thought for sure they were part of the Occupy movement; downtown demonstrating against useless, selfish and wasteful consumerism. How silly of me to give them that credit, and to think that they were being ironic, and signifying anti-corporate greed, and anti-planet destruction. When I approached one of the women holding a sign, i asked what they were all about, and her reply was that they were there for exactly what their signs said. Ok, keeping in mind that this was Black Friday, the biggest sale and shopping day of the year, I asked her why they needed be on the corner to convince shoppers to do what they normally do. I asked her if she had seen George Carlin’s “Stuff” routine. No, she hadn’t. She said, “People need stuff. I like to buy stuff. Everyone needs stuff. I just bought this coffee, and earlier I bought a scarf.” I think she was part of some “buy more stuff” cult.

Her partner came over; a strapping gent holding one of the signs, wearing a suit, carrying a few extra pounds over his belt, who had a beard, longish hair, and looked as if he might later, after the demonstration, head on over to his nearest comic book store for the latest Star Trek figurine or set off for the local science fiction festival. Hell, it might even have been the guy in the photo above, but I am not sure, as I downloaded it from the internet. So, I tried chatting him up as well to figure out the meaning of their demonstration; to no avail. I asked if he had seen the Carlin “Stuff” routine, and he said yes. I asked if he had seen the Story of Stuff, and he said yes. It was a very bizarre interaction.  It seemed like I was talking to someone whose brain cells had died long ago; or a follower of Jim Jones. Imagine the 21st century libertarian Jim Jones: The cult that instead of killing you with kool-aid, kills you by locking you inside your home, surrounded by the hoards of stuff that the cult has convinced you to buy. That’s what these people seemed like; members of some new cult, whose sole ambition was determined by some CEOs hidden away in some high rise building with bodyguards lining the halls. “Tell the people to buy more stuff; namely, more of OUR stuff”, say the CEOs. When I asked, “what do you think about the planet being finite,” he just responded by saying, “You need stuff. You need food, right? You need toilet paper, right? You therefore need stuff.” (At this moment he pointed to the sign and gave me a big smile) You know, I see mindless people all day long. I am often baffled how some people who are ignorant to the point of disbelief have managed to stay alive. One thing I don’t often see is a group of village idiots, who at some point in their lives will most likely win the Darwin award; huddled together holding useless signs, and protesting for others to do what they normally do anyhow.

And Now For Something Completely Different….

This year, Instead of joining the rest of the sheeple; entering the hustle of bustle of stores near the helliday, how about staying home with those you love, and instead, donating to some charitable organizations in the names of those whom you love?  This is a way to show your support for the well being of the planet, teach values of love and empathy, and a way to take a stand against massive, needless, destructive consumerism which is ruining the environment. Neither we, nor our children need more STUFF. However, what some people really need is more food this time of year.

Feed the World

Wouldn’t it be nice to feed the world this Christmas? The no. 1 way you can feed the world is to stop supporting the animal agriculture business, and eat a plant based diet. This unequivocally includes not supporting the multi-billion dollar DAIRY industry as well. There is plenty of information on the diary industry HERE or, HERE. The animal agriculture industry takes food out of the mouths of the starving, and turns it into what they call feed, which they then spray with chemicals and antibiotics for farm animals to eat, who will then be slaughtered needlessly to put on the plates of impoverished and rich alike, knowing no difference between the genetics; making everyone sick on the inside.

Instead of people showing a bit of self sacrifice, (which really is NOT a sacrifice at all, as being vegan I can say without a doubt that I eat better now than I ever have) people continue to remain in denial about the fact that their food choices are causing catastrophic consequences for other animals; humans and non, around the globe, support industries that are causing hunger all over the world. I have heard, “I am just one person, so what difference can it make if I don’t eat butter or cheese, or that slice of bacon?” Another I have heard is “I could not be vegan. I like eating cheese and/or (insert some part of an animal carcass here), or they live in fear of not being polite at a dinner party, and offending. The hypocrisy committed by people who think themselves compassionate and generous must be addressed; even if by something so harmless as LIVING UP TO YOUR VALUES of non-violence in the presence of others by refusing to partake in the cultural norm of butchery. Please; by all means, offend people’s sensibilities. Their sense of propriety and decency needs to be offended by people who live a system of values that does not condone murder. There will be no push from the government for people to adopt a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle in order to help feed the world, as that would remove trillions of dollars, and most likely cause a financial collapse. Big animal agriculture is funding the government and policies; so instead, yet again, of starting at the base of the river to solve a problem, (because we do not want to face real change, and want to continue with the status-quo) we go downstream, keep slaughtering non human animals by the millions per day for some facade that it is actually necessary, destroying massive ecosystems and polluting air, soils, and water, and we put band-aids on the problem of world hunger. We would rather spend billions of dollars sending food over to Africa on ships from the United States, rather than give money and have it produced locally for example.

Gifts of giving that match a compassionate person’s values

Regarding band-aids, and trying to make a difference downstream; which is mostly what people like you and I can do, as we don’t have billions of dollars to have a full out war against big agriculture conglomerates, here are some photos from the 1980’s Band-Aid: “Feed the World” campaign created by Sir Bob Geldoff, that appeared on MTV in 1984 around this time of the year. PLEASE CLICK ON ALL OF THE PHOTOS BELOW to see different organizations to whom you might consider donating this Christmas instead of fueling the “stuff” industry; helping fill more and more landfills, and taking away from the true spirit of Christmas and the season of “giving”. Giving can mean lots of things, but the most valuable gift anyone can give to their loved ones in the right now is to “Give” up the idea of what Christmas is via television and advertising, and give love and kindness to all those on the earth by saying NO to uber consumerism, and YES to donating to organizations that improve living conditions for ALL beings, including humans on the planet.


1. Animal Equality/Iqualdad Animal (one of my favorites)

You can watch them in action HERE. The 2010 protest will BLOW your mind.

2. Mercy For Animals

3. PCRM – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

4. Animal Legal Defense Fund

5. In Defense of Animals

6. Vegan Outreach

7. Food Not Bombs

8. Center For Biological Diversity (http://7billion.org)

9. Gentle Barn (sanctuary)

10. Stop UBC – Like PCRM, 501C3 to stop UBC research on nonhuman animals

11. Friends to the Forlorn – Education & Outreach, helping THE Number One Most Abused and Neglected Dog Breed Today; from dog fights, to being bred continually, to breed specific legislation in cities that bans their existence, to horrific abuse.

12. BUAV – British Union For the Abolition of Vivisection (They WORK hard, and have LOTS of campaigns)

13. Born Free – Wild Animals Belong in the wild

14. AAVS – American Anti-Vivisection Society

15. Well Fed World – On the Ground Relief and Community Solutions

Lastly, for the easiest gift YOU can give to the starving humans all over the world, please click on the photos below to learn how to begin eating a plant based diet, and how to live a vegan philosophy; which I am sure fits with your value system of non-violence to all. If you can’t donate, at least you can START with your plate.

Please DO NOT donate to HEIFER (major animal exploitation, major use of fossil fuels in transport), OXFAM, (giving live non human animals) WORLDVISION, (taking your money to transport living beings to give that “one loaf of bread” to a family, but not helping teach them how to grow that bread) WWF where they are only promoting stopping extinction so they and other rich people can continue to hunt) the Sierra Club (who in order to save national forests, hold BBQs, and then do not reply to emails asking if meat will be served as most deforestation occurs due to animal agriculture) I tried finding recent information on the group, but a lot out there is propaganda from the Center for Consumer Freedom or says that they are getting more radical. IF ONLY!!) or MERCYCORPS, who are proponents of donating non human animals to families in other countries (which means exploitation and uber fossil fuel use for transport of these live animals), when instead, they could promote education about cultivation and obtaining and maintaining clean water. “Donating” living beings who will travel on ships to reach their final destination is causing suffering, pain and discomfort. This is EXPLOITATION and slavery. The ONLY thing these organizations like Heifer and Mercycorps should be proposing in order to feed the world is a plant based diet for everyone, and especially those in the United States, where one person consumes the amount of what ten people do in under-developed countries. If you would like to help starving families in the rest of the world, please stop supporting animal agriculture and become vegan, and MOST importantly, tell everyone you know about the lies the industries perpetuate to line their pockets, while killing billions of non humans AND humans alike. It’s all a game of PROFIT, and it is PROFANE. Remaining silent is complicity.

Give someone a loaf of bread and he/she eats for a day. Give someone seeds to plant to harvest and make their own bread, and he/she eats for a LIFETIME.

In all seriousness, I hope that some who’ve read this decide to make a donation to one of these organizations instead of buying trinkets. This, obviously includes animals as presents. Don’t be a shit. Don’t buy animals. One thing that is important to know is that at least one of these organizations has a donor matching program going on right now through the end of the year; for example, if you donate to Mercy For Animals, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor up to a certain amount. If you can afford to buy trinkets this season because you are expected to buy holiday gifts then it is only logical that you can give a little money to one of these worthy causes, if not in addition to, then in lieu of. If you would prefer, there is always doing a search in your browser to find a reputable animal sanctuary or rescue in your area, and giving them a donation. It is a better idea to give to local humane agencies rather than giving to the larger organizations, as that supports direct action. If however you cannot afford to give monetarily this year, please adopt the vegan philosophy to “afford” equality to all species. This is the easiest gift to give; the gift of allowing all beings to live free from suffering. Do the more than 25 million NH (non human) animals know that it’s Christmas? Yes. They know fear. They know they’re about to be killed. They wait in line to die. Their massacre will increase many times over during the holiday so that humans may celebrate their lunch and dinner festivities. Make the change for the holidays; and always. Be compassionate. The time to end slavery, breeding, exploitation, and murder of all beings is NOW.

click the beautiful cow painting by Vijaya Laxmi

Below are instructions on how to start giving the gift of food to the hungry, and the gift of life to non human animals. It is your chance to do the easiest thing you can; by starting with your plate. Please check out the sites below. I spent lots of time weeding through many to find some of the best because I love and want to help everyone.


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