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Here is a recipe for peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips:

Dry Ingredients:

2 Cups organic spelt four

1  tsp baking SODA not powder

1 scant tsp salt

1 heaping Cup vegan organic fair trade DARK chocolate chips

Wet Ingredients:

1 Cup and 2 tbsp maple syrup grade B, I buy bulk, from Vermont

1 Cup organic ground peanut butter, I buy bulk from co-operative


Mix dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix wet ingredients in another bowl. Use a bigger bowl for the dry ingredients. After the wet ingredients are blended very well, add the wet into the dry ingredients. Stir till blended to cookie dough texture. Get a cookie sheet or two. Get a bowl of water. Dip your hand in water, shake off extra water, take some of the cookie dough and form a ball. Flatten the ball in your hand. Place on the cookie sheet. IMPORTANT *Do not flatten the ball of dough ON the cookie sheet, as this causes cookies to stick to sheet after cooked. Flatten in your hand, then place lightly on the sheet.


12-15 minutes depending on your oven at 350 degrees Farenheit


For 10 minutes before eating. ENJOY!

These are great for the holidays: hanukkah, chistmas, winter solstice, festivus, shitmas or whatever holiday you might wish to celebrate.