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My lady friend and I have been discussing this for a long time. We both think that everyone living right now should be given the opportunity to live a full, happy, and healthy life. On this subject, I could say a lot more, but will keep it pretty simple. I think the photos speak for themselves. Time to be uncomfortable and look at reality. Be blind no more.

I don’t blame anyone for previous actions, nor children already had. This discussion is only about our actions moving forward. Just as I don’t judge a new vegan for the time before he/she chose to live as cruelty free as possible, I apply that same philosophy to people who have already had children. This is not about the past, but rather, making compassionate choices right NOW which will impact the future; of you, me, the planet, and those to whom we bequeath this disastrous scenario we call Earth.


Where diapers go to RIP. Now they are in diaper heaven!

Most disposable diapers take between 350 to 500 years to decompose.
This means that by the time your baby has grown up, lived a full life, hopefully explored the world, and eventually died of old age, that 2.5 tonnes of diapers from your son/daughter won’t have even begun to decompose.

Those poo and pee filled delights will still be filling a hole, long after your grandchildren have passed away. (Hopefully you will NOT have any) Every year, twenty seven billion of these diapers is going to be retiring to a nearby landfill.

But, it’s not just diapers ruining the world. There is the serious matter that we all want stuff; and yes, even kids of vegan, vegetarian, environmentalist, hippie, liberal, anarchist, and free-thinking parents do too, not to mention how many kids our kids  will add to the problem. We all think we are special, that we deserve to have children, even so arrogant as to think OUR children will turn out to save the world. Stuff, the desire for perfection and control of nature is destroying this beautiful place we call home. We can no longer solely blame corporations, but must also look in the mirror.

Think of all the waste you create in your life. Even the most ecologically minded individual creates a ton of waste; from your childhood diapers to food, toys, other containers, gasoline and petroleum products like plastic bags and bottles, and all the secondary forms of waste created for you at restaurants, supermarkets, all the paper from your jobs that gets thrown in the trash, your technological waste, your medicine bottles, your cleaners and detergents, your body care product containers and the products themselves which many times are not biodegradable, all the clothes and shoes that are made for you your entire life and their leftovers, the factories belching out toxins in order to make items for you….. and on…..and on…….and on……………..and on. Having children doubles that, triples that or even quadruples that. I say, why not end the cycle with you?

The premiere science organization of the United States, the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) recently tried to silence the very issue that is behind many of the problems we face as a planet; the population policy. A small group of scientists wanted to bring this to the attention of other scientists at a booth in Canada, and were turned down based on religious ideology, and an unwillingness yet again on the part of humans to look at the big picture, in order to protect the sensitive nature of society; where you must always concern yourself first with appearances, second a few feelings that may be bruised, and last with facts.Newsflash: you aren’t more special than anyone else. You don’t need to make babies to save the world, support corporations by creating more consumers, take care of you when you are old, nor out-populate other races, species, nationalities, kingdoms, the less intelligent, religions, or other affiliations. You are a blip. You will be forgotten; but by having babies you will make sure to leave your mark on this world via trash.

Your kids will add to the population explosion and destruction of the rest of the planet. The planet is finite. We don’t deserve anything. It is not our “right” to ruin the world for those already living here. We gave that right up when we decided that resources were infinite, that everything was disposable, and that humans were the most important being in the circle of life. We don’t have a duty to continue making more humans. Don’t believe the hype. More human animals=less non human animals. Biology teaches us that everything is a battle for space. More humans=less basic needs for all, worse health care, less possibility of finding a job, less resources, erodes education, and worst of all, ruins a good place to live.

Speaking of plastic trash; ever heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch? The photo above is one of many photos of this “phenomenon”. Do you think that YOUR children do not participate in creating this mess, along with the rest of us? Every single human is responsible, alongside the corporations, and it is time for the non ignorant to do our part and refrain, at least for several years, of adding more people into the mess, and to give the planet some time to recuperate from the burden.

Another massive creator of plastic waste and mountains of garbage is hospitals. Having worked in hospitals, I have born witness to one of the largest consumers of plastic. Where does all this plastic go? Does it all just fill landfills, or does it too end up in the ocean? Fact of the matter is, If people took better care of themselves, most would NOT end up in hospital in the first place, where we strive at all costs to keep people alive who are on death’s door, using new tubes and thick plastic bags full of saline and glucose on the average of 4 times per shift per patient, often using two or three bags each time. The garbage accumulation of gloves, syringes, medicine bottles, tissue boxes, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, cleaning wipes, cleaner bottles, plastic food containers and all of the trash generated in hospitals is enough to horrify anyone who is not in healthcare. More than recycling, we must REDUCE first, and reuse second. Recycling only goes so far. You can reduce by adopting instead of reproducing. If you are concerned with cost, or time, maybe you should reconsider reproducing as it is just as costly, not only to you, but to the rest of us who already live here. You could also consider what I call “social adoption”, and be a mentor with kids already here.

“We can maximize the number of human beings living at the lowest possible level of comfort, or we can try to optimize the quality of life for a much smaller population.” – Garret Hardin

Wear a condom or femidom.

Make friends; not babies.

Please type “free condoms (your city)” in your browser.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get Better. It’s not”

- The Lorax, Dr. Seuss