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Spring has Spung in your kitchen.

Remember planting beans in a Styrofoam cup full of soil when you were in kindergarten, and how fun it was to watch them grow? You can have Springtime any season in your kitchen. In less time you can sprout and feed yourself. It takes FOUR to FIVE days ONLY! All you need are a few mason jars, a few tops with holes to cover them, (they are called sprout-ease toppers and cost about $4-$5 for three tops) and all types of legumes or seeds. NUTRIENT DENSE!

I began with 4 TBSP of mung beans.

I poured water into the jar, covered with a top with holes, and left to soak overnight.

Next morning, leaving top on, drain, rinse, swirl, and drain. Turn upside down and leave it. As you can see from the photos, i turn jars upside down and leave in a bowl.

Rinse, swirl and drain whenever you think of it; preferably every few hours.This is not precise, so there is NO need to worry about it. Just watch them grow!

In four or five days, this is what you will see!

Before eating, simply rinse through top, and drain, and use a clean fork to remove. The hulls of the original beans, legumes or whatever you sprout will drain out. Even if you eat one here or there, it is healthy anyway. Splurge on some spindly sprouts. When the sprouts are ready, as in photo above, put in refrigerator, and rinse and drain all liquid out before using a clean fork to put them on your meal. Return to fridge.

Here are some ideas for where to put your sprouts!

Sprouts and peanut sauce

Sprouts on a homeyburger (click for recipe for homeyburger)

Sprouts on Black Beans and Brown Rice

Homemade hummus on homemade bread with red pepper and the following sprouts: lentil, sunflower and broccoli.

Some other foods you can sprout are lentils, sunflowers, broccoli seeds, radish seeds, alfalfa, adzuki beans, and more. Grab someone you love, (or not) and do one of the easiest and most fun things you can do; watch nature take its course, and then eat!

New Year’s Eve picnic with the girlfriend and sprout sandwiches