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Buy some fair trade organic bananas. Cut in pieces, and put in a container in the freezer. Keep them there for a snack, or you can use them for any number of blender blings! I prefer to store in glass containers vs. plastic, and invested in about 15 pyrex glass containers a while ago with rubber tops which make reusing foods amazingly easy.

There is no need for supporting dairy farms to have a milkshake or a vegan smoothie. Nor is there need for honey or refined sugar. Enjoy this very simple vegan milkshake.

Chocolate Fruit Smoothie:

  • Frozen banana pieces about 1/4 a blender full
  • 3 TBSP Raw chocolate powder
  • 2 TBSP Peanut butter. I grind my own at food co-op and store in glass jar.
  • Cover the ingredients in a nut milk about an inch or two over the ingredients. I use THIS RECIPE for my almond/hazelnut milk.
  • 1/2 C organic maple syrup

BLEND for about a minute straight. Lift off top, taste, and add more of anything you think is necessary. It is great to be creative, and let your senses tell you how much to add. Take advantage of your kickin’ improvisational skills.

It is smooth and delicious and will make you all chocolatey inside.