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This genuine hummus, or hummous recipe is from the Middle East. It was told to me by a Palestinian man who ran a wonderful shop in my home town. Only 5 simple ingredients. This is my hymn to hummus. Hummus deserves to be praised.

  • Chick Peas boiled
  • Tahini *see photo for brand I use. It is sold in most stores.
  • Lemon juice organic, or fresh squeezed *lot of work the latter, so I buy a jar of juice.
  • 2 heads garlic *you may not use all of the cloves from both, but safe to have two
  • Salt, to taste

NOTICE: you do NOT see extra virgin olive oil on this list. This is because the authentic recipe that I obtained from a native from Palestine did NOT call for it. Olive oil is not added to the hummus, but CAN be drizzled on top with a sprinkle of paprika in a bowl for serving, but NOT for making. NOW you know :)

Let the pictures tell the story.

Soak about 5 C dry chick peas overnight. Next day, wash and rinse, and cover with water about 3 inches over the chick peas. Boil them on high to start, then on med. high for about an hour and a half. Make sure they are not hard. They must be easy to blend into a paste. Chew one to see if they are done. It should be soft. Don’t worry about not using all them in your hummus. If leftovers, why not make a soup with them?

Commence with hummus. Add Joyva tahini 1/2 15 oz. can, then 2 C chick peas, then about 6 good sized cloves garlic, 2 more C chick peas, add tsp salt,  cover ingredients in the lemon juice. BLEND. These numbers aren’t as important as you think. Take a look at the photo below. Get an idea what your blender will look like before you turn it on to mix all the food together. You can ALWAYS add more of anything after you taste.

Look at photos. Make hummus. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It took me a few times to get it right. With a vitamix it is much easier, but I prefer to use what I have, and this blender is still kicking, so I don’t want to be wasteful. Make sure you remove spoon when you turn on blender after you have stopped and pushed down ingredients to bottom of blender. You will do this MANY times with a blender, but in a vitamix it takes about 2 minutes to make. I made hummus once in a vitamix. What a joy that was! Don’t be afraid to add a bit more salt, a bit more tahini, a bit more garlic, or a bit more lemon once it is all blended and you have tasted, to get JUST what you desire! PLEASE taste the hummus! A cook must taste the food to know that it is just right. As you can see from the photos, I make lots of hummus in one go, (This was 3 blenders full) and then I freeze it. It defrosts in a day, and is delicious. Please use glass containers, and do not freeze or heat plastic. Have fun!