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What has God done for you lately?

Has he cleaned your litterbox for you?

Has he taken your dog for a walk?

Has he paid for your rent, bills or medical expenses?

Has he cooked you dinner?

Has he helped you stop drinking?

Has he helped your sport team win?

Has he cured you mother’s cancer?

Has he rejuvenated your vagina?

Has he helped you get the attention of a lover?

Has he spared your life in an accident but taken everyone else’s?

Has he made you big and strong?

Has he helped you catch your flight?

Has he saved your marriage?

Has he made you thinner?

Has he prevented unwanted pregnancies?

Has he helped your cake rise?

Has he made your hair shiny?

Has he made your gay son suddenly straight?

Has he cured your erectile dysfunction?

Has he made your sex drive stronger?

Has he helped you land that job?

Has he showered you with money to buy more stuff?

Has he made your grass greener than your neighbor’s?

Has he helped your family members do/have all these things?

Surely it must be because you PRAYED so much?????

What do ALL these things have in common?

That’s right, they are all about YOU.

Isn’t it time you began thinking about things OTHER than yourself? You could start by thinking about any of the following things:

  • Your friends (wait, you may already do that to some extent. Let’s expand a bit.)
  • Your colleagues
  • Strangers
  • Other countries
  • Other species
  • The entire planet.

NOW you are beginning to understand what life is all about, and I can tell you sucka, it ain’t about the shit before the photo of the HAND.


  • MAKE REALITY YOUR ENTERTAINMENT by LIVING it. Observe the little things.
  • Please do NOT waste time praying, when you can play an active part in your life, and the life of all beings around you. Religion takes accountability and responsibility away from you and puts it on someone else, as well as excusing bad behavior, and accepting the status quo.

Who is your God? Is it Jesus? Is it Yahweh? Is it Allah? Is your god a man who was a philosopher like Buddah or Confucius? Is your god the father of Jesus? For that matter, do you believe that Zeus is God? Do you believe that Jupiter is God? Do you believe in the many breasted Goddess? Do you believe in fairies? Do you believe in St. Nicholas? The fact is, most of us only believe the lies we are fed depending upon the culture in which we were raised, and that culture is there to control us, manipulate us, and to decide our morality for us. Neither tradition nor culture are reasons to believe in things you cannot see. Loving is magic, but loving unconditionally is not a virtue, for if you permit others to behave in ways which are a detriment to themselves, others or you, you are enabling. We should hold others to high standards always, and this is a protective measure for ourselves. If you give an inch, most people will take a mile. Religion is no excuse to make continual screw ups without consequences, and on who to lay blame when you do things incorrectly or when things go awry, or EVEN when things go as planned. You decide what is right and wrong through mirror neurons, your inherent notions and life long experiences.

I ain’t no sucka. I ain’t no religious muthafucka. I don’t sit on my backside hoping for things to go well. I get up and do things to actively participate in improvement.

Jesus is_ DEAD