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This blog is dedicated with lots of hearts, ahimsas, namastes and love and light to all those people who take pride in having very high morals because they do not eat animals or animal products……..

………but who continually seek validation and make excuses for others who live a lifestyle they themselves protest to abhor; the one of violence. Sometiimes through prayer, and other times by adding these pretty sounding words onto their verbal or written speech, these people of high morals think that by doing so they will be able to reach the minds of others who are stuck in an abusive relationship: the one where people are partaking in the absolute slavery and exploitation of non humans. Sorry folks, but that is not so.

What we really have is a really good case of see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. If it isn’t pretty to talk about, then we mustn’t do so when it may be offensive to the majority of the population. The truth makes people uncomfortable.  However, there is one good reason I can think of to discuss the facts, and it has nothing to do with us, but all to do with the billions of animals who are enslaved.

I think when people say that non vegans must not be pushed, or only be engaged about veganism (such a scary word I know; all about living a non violent lifestyle) very gently, (avoiding offensive factual speech or graphic photos) that it is nothing more than an excuse, and a sign of a slacker who cannot be asked to discuss the brutal realities of life. These people enjoy the beautiful things in life; not unlike myself, but whereas I enjoy beauty and happiness, I also see the grays and the blacks as well, and it is because of the dark horrible realities that are hidden away from light and from all our views, that I find it unforgivable to not speak of these things to people who are ignorant of these facts. These slackers would prefer to never speak of what they call negativity, not truly out of love or light or kindness for the feelings they may bruise, but out of fear; the fear that they will look bad, lose friends, make enemies or lose family members.

Not telling people when the opportunity presents itself, within reason of course, about why people live a vegan lifestyle is just plain slack, and does NOT help anyone but the person who refuses to discuss the facts. They are protecting numero uno, and are more concerned with being liked, and with not offending others with facts, rather than with being the messenger for the massacre.  (BTW, it’s NOT about BEING vegan, but rather about not paying for slavery and brutality.) It’s important to understand WHY we are vegan, and to be able to explain it, and not ever make veganism about the vegan, but about the OTHERS.

With regards to vegans who talk of the difficulty to EATING VEGETABLES, or loving the person but hating the act, or who think it pertinent to point out to other vegans that “you used to eat meat; you came to veganism at your own time, so let others do so as well!”; let’s clear this up now: THE OTHER CREATURES LIVING IN CAGES AND TOTAL DARKNESS CANNOT WAIT. I don’t think I will ever see your version of tolerance as a virtue, when it is only there as a protective shield which serves as an excuse to a) protect the person from the distress of having to discuss the painful reality of non human animals, b) a way to not put people off by discussing REALITY because GOSH we all know that if you are too graphic, people will just block you out, or c) again a coping mechanism for the vegan who is riddled with the guilty feelings for having at one time eaten animals, therefore they think they must understand the non vegan, accept them, EVEN when the non vegan KNOWS reality but has 20 excuses to not make the easiest change ever: the food on their plate. We aren’t discussing race, religion or political choices here. We are talking about abuse on a massive scale.

Just because it’s your family member, friend, or lover does not make tolerance OK. Letting go of the idea that we need these people in our lives who are not living in alignment with their values is a giant step toward living our lives in alignment with our own. It is time for a little tough love. Just like children need boundaries, so do all humans; and you can begin by not only setting an example of morality, but by expecting and demanding it from others.  It is true that people are not born knowing the facts of the realities of how humans control their environment, control the lives of all earthlings, and where our food, clothing and products come from. All of us who have made the decision to do as little harm as possible within our constraints were most of us at one time supporting an abusive and exploitative system of killing.

Nevertheless, once faced with reality, we made a conscious decision and effort to change. People should then come to the decision on their own that they can no longer be a part of the system of brutality and barbaric tradition, but they CANNOT come to this decision without first having the education, and second, without having a mentor who expects them to live up to the values they preach of non violence. It is then the responsibility of each one of these humans to seek out information to break free of the sick culture by learning what, and what not to consume; from foods to body products to clothing. All of this information is FREE online. It is NOT rocket science. I am sure we all do our best to help these people. I have offered numerous times online to help those who asked genuinely for help. However, I will not validate an educated person’s choice to continue condoning the slaughter of non human animals by the millions per day, nor will I excuse it, nor will I accept it in my personal life.

Tolerance is a good word if it is in regards to a personal choice that hurts no one. In the case of eating animals, dairy or eggs, there IS an entire group of beings who have absolutely no say in the matter. To have tolerance for people who condone this once they know reality is to be an accomplice. The question is: will your ties with friends and family be more important than living up to your values? If you claim to be non-speciesist, would you be more offended if your family or friends chose to eat baby humans? Furthermore, would you say something then!? Something to think about…

Psychology teaches us time and again that inconsistency is not a way to model good behavior, nor to get good results or outcomes. Nor do people change behavior patterns when they are continually rewarded for bad behavior. By bad behavior here, I am referring to living a cruel life, as opposed to as cruelty free as possible. Don’t get me wrong; I am all about educating people and also encouraging people who are going little by little who are genuinely trying and succeeding in giving up the animals parts and products to which they have been addicted for years of their lives due to the societal training, That said, I think tolerance for people who know the facts, but who view their contribution to cruelty as a personal choice just bloody insane. What’s more, patting people on the back for choosing to eat organic animals, free-range animals, organic milk or cheese, or organic/free range eggs OR for having one meal a week on meatless Mondays with no animals is asinine.

I have very little tolerance for those who have tolerance of this kind. I have zero tolerance for slackers and accomplices. This will NOT help the case to end the holocaust but will only hurt it as it makes excuses, exceptions and is absolutely a MIXED MESSAGE. People must understand they are paying for slavery and brutality. Then, and only then will people begin to be, if for no other reason, shamed into behaving like the decent human beings they claim to be. VEGANISM IS THE MORAL BASELINE. You can either be an actor or a slacker. THAT is your own personal choice.