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Click any photo and be queued by your computer to download the PDF files for printing. The first photo is a generic animal testing sign you can use anywhere. You can ask your printing place to print either an 18 X 24 or a 24 X 32 sign on cheap white paper and then have the printing place laminate it to make it weather resistant, and then use packing tape to tape it to cardboard. the 24 X 32 size is MUCH MORE LEGIBLE FROM FAR AWAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TELLING THE PRINTER YOU WANT THIS SIZE; i just used this size yesterday at a demo and YES size makes a difference when it comes to people seeing them while driving by in cars. Please use it at your local university’s medical research facility, a local biomedical research facility, or other related institution. Please start your own campaign in your area. There are animal testing facilities all over the world.  THE FINAL NAIL has information about the United States HERE about  facilities and breeders. Find your state and get started! By the way, SNBL has some locations in the United States such as Baltimore, Everett, WA or Alice, Texas, as well as a location in the UK and Japan too. You can use the bottom three signs for demonstrations against SNBL in YOUR area. Simply click photos, save them to your computer, put on a thumb drive, and go to the printer.