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Who ARE the meanest mofos? ZOMBIES?

No, the meanest mofos are not zombies. Of course, you could consider eating dead flesh one of the criteria for being a zombie. Nevertheless, no, the meanest mofos are not some pop culture creature feature, but real honest to badness humans. They are people who feel guilt about the way they live, and are seeing a mirror in those of us who live in alignment with our values, which makes them realize that they must give something up, or change the way they live in order to actually be the decent people they claim they are.

People may think that vegans are the angriest people out there, but the reality is, the nastiest person on Earth is someone who is told her way of life is wrong because it hurts others. When it comes to being the meanest and nastiest, there is no one, and I mean NO one who is as vicious as a carnist who supports the absolutely needless killing and indiscriminate exploitation for taste buds alone, who is threatened by the idea that he has to change something about the way she lives. Hell, even a vegetarian who loves her cheese; at the expense of the rape, exploitation and confinement of her fellow females of another species will get downright despicable if you remind her of the pain involved in that oooooh and aaaaaaah when she put that piece of fatty coagulated cow or goat juice in the hole in her face.

One difficult thing about being vegan is definitely listening to these people’s lame ass excuses which reflect either a marriage of knowledge and denial, apathy, or an outright ignorance built on top of years of brainwashing from the big industry’s advertising campaigns. The bolded link above is from the following blog, “This Vegan Life“.  Check it out. Something even more difficult about being vegan? If you want to know the answer to that, all you have to do is think about what made people like us go vegan in the first place. It is the awareness that other species with whom we share the planet endure immense, excruciating, unnecessary and unending suffering to satiate the other 99.9% of humans;the mindless, meanest mofos.