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No need to fear moms and pops. They may only have been kidnapped for a short moment by the Dairy Fairies. No need to fear, for children are safe in the care of someone who is a member of the Dairy Fairies Gang. Who are the Dairy Fairies? We are a growing number of individuals who think that cows milk belongs to baby cows, and not to humans. Unlike the 70′s Dairy Fairy who was a marketing scheme to sell Kraft slices to children, the Dairy Fairies care deeply about ending exploitation of all animals, about improving the health of all beings, and the health of the planet. Our mission is to talk directly to kids in a frank and educational manner about where their milk, ice cream and cheese comes from. Our goal is to give kids a chance to learn about facts that are hidden from sight. These facts are never discussed with kids in order to protect them; but in reality kids are NOT being protected, but rather, indoctrinated into a system of exploitation and poisonous eating habits. They are not being protected but instead being fed a bunch of lies (not to mention a load of unhealthy food as well) by their parents, their teachers, the authorities, and big industries/corporations.  The advertising campaigns, slogans and catchy tunes aimed at making future, permanent consumers of children is nothing short of a psychological attack on these beautiful young minds.

It’s time some of us Dairy Fairies took a stand and talked to kids like the intelligent beings they are; capable of making their OWN decisions based on their own thorough investigation of the facts.  Sadly, most kids are too inundated with their fast paced, input swamped lives to be able to have a moment to think about anything other than what they are told. They don’t have time to seek the truth when they are continually bombarded with massive advertising campaigns telling them what they need, and receiving a coverup of the facts by friends, family, and the by the entire societal structure in which they live. Many people claim that children are not ready to be told about reality because it would be to painful psychologically. When a child has passed the age of 8, generally, developmentally speaking, they have the capacity for abstract thought, and are able to understand whatever information they are given. It is ADULTS who undermine and understate kids’ ability to think and reason, because the parents wish to protect the children from stepping outside of the social structure as they are aware that people who do so do not generally have easy lives. Although sheltering children from harm is noble, denying them the right to information is not. The Dairy Fairies’ goal is to set these children free; and to once and for all free the cows who are confined, raped and have their babies stolen. Dairy fairies wish to challenge old ideas and traditions which are nothing but moneymaking lies and to challenge kids to think for themselves and not to live their lives based solely on what they are told.

An anecdote of one of the Dairy Fairies:

“i was walking in the rain when i saw the ice cream shop across the street with a line of kids out the door for about 10 yards. i made a “pitstop” There was a Twenty something adult companion there accompanying them, but she said nothing while I talked to the kids.

I did The following three times in the line of kids to about 5 kids each time, and mostly the dialogue went like this:

me: “hi kids! what do you guys know about dairy?

kids: “i don’t know.” “nothing” “it comes from cows?” (blank stares)

me: “do you know anything about the dairy industry other than what the commercials say?”

kids: a resounding “no”

me: “do you know how milk is made? did you know you could google information or go to youtube and look up dairy farms?

kids: “oh.”

me: “So the only information that you have about dairy; the thing you eat all the time comes from the dairy industry who only want your money? Well, a cow has to be pregnant about once a year to make milk for HER baby cows. A man sticks his arm inside a vagina of a cow to get her pregnant (i left out masturbating bulls in case someone didn’t know what that meant, but they were all around 10ish years old)

kids: “What!!?? really?”

me: “yes, that or a metal rod of some sort to get her pregnant. then once she has her baby, the farmer takes the baby from her.”

kids: “what!?”

me: “yes, and then the calves get turned into veal. you can see ALL of this on the internet. google information about dairy, or look on youtube”

kids: (with frowns and looks of dismay) “i will.”

kids: (one kid had heard that calcium came from milk) “but don’t we need calcium from milk?”

me: you are smart. we DO need calcium but you get all the calcium you need in broccoli and spinach. the baby cows need their mother cow’s milk!”

me: “ok! bye!”

it was SO much fun. it is the VERY first time i have tried this. it was wonderful. and now, i will plan to do it whenever the situation arises!”

Kids are very receptive if you approach them with confidence, and talk to them like equals; which they are. I encourage you all to be Dairy Fairies for the benefit of not only the kids’ health, but for the sake of the other species experiencing tremendous suffering for nothing more than slaking taste buds and massive profits to the industry.