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This will be one of the few times I say that people should shut the feck up. Normally I encourage people to speak out. I’m sick of blog after blog of total food obsession that vegans have. Listen up; a philosophy in opposition of cruelty to others, and especially weaker, more vulnerable species has nothing to do with yucking it up about food

Instead of spending all your time talking about the latest food item without animal parts in it, I think it more prudent to be spreading awareness of the reality of how others species live and die in order to sate our gluttonous taste buds. Or for crying out loud, at the very least, in between your pie, cupcake and your strudel recipes, throw in a photo here or there, or an essay here or there about the farm animals, animals in captivity, domesticated animals used as status symbols and discarded by humans, or animals in laboratories, to give you a few examples.

This may come as a shock. It may sound hypocritical. After all, vegangster has recipes. In fact, vegangster links to recipe sites. This is all done in order to make it easier for people who are frightened at the prospect of giving up their beloved meat, dairy and eggs, (3 ITEMS ONLY) and who need a little help, so they have been provided with an array of choices of recipe websites to add to their vegan toolbox. However, this is only ONE part of the toolbox. The rest of the toolbox needs to be discussed by vegans as well.

Veganism has been hijacked by a bunch of people who could very well be diagnosed using the DSM IV TR with the following disorders:

  • eating disorder (axis I disorder; “help! i can’t stop thinking about food!” these people also have control issues, manifested through controlling their intake of food,  and this disorder usually begins in childhood and goes straight through to adulthood in many cases)
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (an axis I anxiety disorder; food related of course, Oh shit! did i turn off the oven after i made those delicious pies? Let me check!)
  • obsessive compulsive personality disorder (an axis II disorder; cluster c, but typical type A personality; this person must have the perfect food and the perfect everything)
  • bipolar II disorder (an axis I mood disorder; very high functioning, over productive, but manic nonetheless, and especially when it is related to being very productive; lots of cooking involved here, and especially at 2 or 3 in the morning!)
  • MDD or major depressive disorder (an axis I mood disorder; eating brings pleasure to this person who is usually very anhedonic, so they obsess about food, baking pies, and ingesting carbohydrates non-stop, instead of talking to others about the reason they became vegan; as that might be too sad.)
  • NPD narcissistic personality disorder (axis II personality disorder; veganism for this person is NOT about the others, but about themselves, the benefits THEY have physically from becoming vegan, how gorgeoes they look, and they talk about BEING a vegan more than talking about WHY they are living a vegan philosophy.)
  • HPD histrionic personality disorder (axis II personality disorder; this person likes to be the center of attention, and if by putting up photos of pies and cupcakes will get them in the center, they will talk about that, or anything they think others want to hear, as long as they are looking good, and they leave the ugliness of the victims of the system out of the equation.)
  • this is NOT a DSM IV diagnosis, but I like to call it the MMFM, or, the me me fucking me diagnosis. These people are vegans for health, oh SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE. Veganism is not a philosophy of Id and Ego, but of the Super Ego. I’ll let you google that if you don’t understand.

WHEN did being a vegan become synonymous with the quest for finding the best vegan cupcake, or meeting at the most hip hopping vegan donut shop? Give me a fucking break. Veganism is not about that fucking scrumptious pie, or your fucking taste buds, but you have made veganism about that. It’s just fabulous that you have learned how to cook. Kudos to you. Now I think it’s time to spend a bit more time talking about the REAL issues of what veganism is really about, and the change it is supposed to bring about; the end to the exploitation of non humans. Now you can take YOU out of the equation. Veganism is about the suffering and sacrifice that OTHERS are needlessly enduring, and we must be talking about that as well. It’s great that people socialize over vegan food now and again, and I am not antisocial, nor do I think people should never have any fun. I DO think people should dedicate at least half of their time blogging about cupcakes to talking about the facts.

Veganism is not a blanket pro life philosophy by the way. It is simply about avoiding cruelty as MUCH as possible. Vegans don’t have to love everyone, they don’t have to love humans more than other species, they don’t have to love humans at all. The only thing vegans have to do is NOT partake in the flesh peddling. Abstaining from a massacre is a baseline. But a little more should be required.  Please do NOT shut your pie hole when it comes to the reality orienting fellow humans about the lives of BILLIONS of non humans who have no choice in the matter of being born, used, and killed. I consider educating others and doing this reality orientation essential to being vegan. I don’t give a fuck about your fucking vegan as fuck cupcakes, pies, etc., if that is ALL you care to write about. Why don’t you talk about something important as well? Show the world that you give a fuck about someone other than yourself. Veganism is NOT about you. It’s about the billions of OTHERS.

There are a very small percentage of human beings who live a vegan philosophy. If every single vegan, instead of MERELY abstaining from eating animals and animal products, and instead of mostly spending time supporting vegan bakeries actually started educating people on a daily basis, instead of being overly concerned regarding their social status, and keeping up appearances, things would definitely start to shift MUCH quicker. Do you have it in you?

- Dedicated to my doll the col from the hood.