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……If you are a selfish, greedy, ignorant, psychopathic, brainwashed, monster.

People who want to make the world less cruel and a better place for everyone, including the zombies who say stupid things like “vegans suck”, are definitely NOT the ones that suck.

* For those of you who aren’t native English speakers, suck is slang for “to be very bad, disagreeable, or disgusting : e.g. I love your city, but the weather sucks, or, The fact some animal was brutalized and killed for you to eat that corpse on your plate really sucks, or,  I want to like you, but your greedy lifestyle sucks.

This post is part of a new series of posts bringing to light the kinds of searches people type into their search engines leading them to vegangster, and an entire different view of the very limited reality they are used to.

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