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I don’t know about you, but when I see this shit? Well, I go ballistic. This is BULLshit. Late night rants are what I’m talking about.


I want to be a slack ass muthafucka. I don’t want to have to bear witness for these other species. Why do I have to convince you that these things are wrong? You loathe violence. You don’t like to crush a bug.

98% of you abhor violence, yet you deal in violence directly and indirectly every single day of your lives. What you put on your plate and into your body, onto your body, and onto your surfaces in your home are VIOLENCE. They ARE violence. YOU can choose NOT to advocate for violence.

There is one reason ONLY why these buildings are unmarked, covered in video cameras, and often in industrial parks far away from where people can see. This is HIDDEN because it is fucking WRONG.

DON’T you understand what is happening all around you in buildings in industrial parks, or out in rural areas where the likes of us cannot see? Can’t you hear the cries in your heads of the animals that are not humans screaming out all through the day and night? The sounds are there in my head. I forcibly remove them all day long. They are the first sound to which many of us awake. We are helpless. This is devastating. If only they could learn to speak a human language. Then they could teach their friends, and then maybe they could escape from their prisons of pure unadulterated torture, experiments and hell.

BTW, YES cosmetic testing STILL exists. WHY? Because companies get their products on the market quicker. However, it is NOT necessary to do non human animal testing in order to get a product on the market, but it takes longer. This is a very big money maker for ALL parties involved….to the extent that they go to the lengths you see above, in order to just MAKE MONEY. Imagine… going into a job like this and seeing animals who belong in their own natural habitat stuffed into tiny cages…. raped.. *YEP THEY BREED THEM), then being pregnant in a cortisol raising environment with tons of stress, and the babies are still experimented on to “look at” maternal deprivation reaction on the part of the babies, (how sick is that? wasn’t skinner enough? )

I have about had as much as I can stomach. SOMEONE deeply entrenched in the field MUST put together a hypothesis to study the PhDs who DO this research, and the lab technicians who DO this type of research, and research assistants, and others who deal in these horrors. There MUST be studies ongoing to prove that they have a very decreased level of empathy. Now, HOW can someone with such low empathy study another SPECIES in order to assess and evaluate the behavior of the other species when they are empathically DEFICIENT???

The time to study the researchers and vivisectors is NOW. Tests must be created. Questionnaires must be developed. Standard scales must be invented in order to prove ONCE and for all that these people are PHONIES

BTW, would these people be willing to take a lie detector test?

I think this is something we should all be thinking about; afterall, they are taking OUR tax money most of these places to DO these horrors.

It should be more than MY job to speak out against this. I need every single one of you to find out what you can do. Please see the left side of my blog for Sourcewatch or SAEN. Thank you. I don’t want this job, but I will step up and do my part. Please do yours. GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING. Donate to PCRM. Tell a friend. Tell a colleague. Tell anyone. Make signs, demonstrate, and support SAEN and others who blow the lid off of HORRIFIC, sadistic, unnecessary testing on non human animals.

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