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Doctors against Deadly Dairy Industry, or DADDI as I like to call them, are a handful of MDs who dare to go against the grain, and discuss nutrition, instead of merely giving out handfuls of pills to the physically or mentally ill. Some of these doctors are Dr. John McDougall, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Bernard, and a few others.  I could probably count on my two hands the numbers of MDs in this country who are doing this.

Just to be an equal opportunity essayist, MDs Offended by Milk Machine Indunstry or MOMMI could be the female acronym counterpart.

If you know of a medical doctor who is against big animal agriculture industry telling everyone; from children to the government, that their product (dairy, meat or eggs) is necessary and healthy, or a medical doctor who educates her/his patients to give up all dairy, please leave a comment.

Being in the healthcare industry, I have seen numerous accounts of medical doctors doing what I consider to be unethical. One OBGYN told my patient that since she wanted to lose weight before getting pregnant, she should eat only high fat foods, and cut out all carbohydrates. He suggested she eat lots of dairy, meat, and eggs, and to lower her intake of sugary foods like fruit. THE MAN was a fruitcake. I called him on it in an email.

Every day my young patients  come to me after seeing pediatric MDs and come to me on flouride pills. The influenza shots are being pushed daily at the office. “Don’t hurt the ones you love. Get a flu shot”. WHAT kind of practice pushes chemicals on people? The answer is a practice that makes a LOT of money from kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.

If after hours you enter the diabetes educator’s office, you will find pamphlets all over the room which on the cover maintain they are to help people with diabetes type II to overcome their illness. Inside there are nothing but advertising for insulin.

A medical doctor at work saw me handing out information and educating my patients about their high cholesterol, diabetes type II, and high blood pressure. The information was from the website PCRM.ORG, which discusses the basics of the root cause of certain illnesses as well as recommending a plant based diet. This doctor told me that she didn’t think I was considering the population of people with whom we worked. It was a very rural area, where people were very poor and where there was a plethora of fast food restaurants. She told me, this pediatric MD, that rather than discuss eating fruits and vegetables and giving out handouts with food ideas, I would be better off giving them a menu of McDonald’s, and telling them what on that menu would be the healthiest thing for them to eat. She said that my education would fall on deaf ears, so there was no point wasting time, and did I expect these people to be able to afford a healthy diet? My answer was that EVERYONE deserves the right to health education, no matter their socioeconomic status.

By far the most UNETHICAL thing of all? The fact that doctors have all taken an oath to help humans, and they are not doing this. Whenever a doctor forgoes education of a patient to merely prescribe a pill, and not help the patient understand the root cause of his/her illness this is not providing treatment, but putting on a band-aid. A medical doctor stating, “think about diet and exercise” is NOT educating with that sentence. That means nothing. It doesn’t help a patient to understand within their lives how to go about doing that.

If you are eating a certain food, and it gives you a migraine, and you go to the doctor, explain that every time you eat that food you get a migraine, should your doctor ignore that you are eating the food causing the migraine, and prescribe a medication every time you eat that food?  ASININE.

You want to stay healthy? teach yourself about a plant based diet, and don’t go to the doctor, unless they are DADDI or MOMMI.

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