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Testing on animals has not stopped, contrary to your belief which is based on no investigatory research online. Animal testing is not necessary, contrary to your belief which is based on absolutely no research online or in books.


All species are different from one another physiologically, metabolically and on a cellular level. Even within the same species, individuals metabolize chemicals and drugs in different ways, and react to stimuli differently. For these reasons, results from experiments on non-human animals cannot be effectively correlated to a positive outcome in human beings.

Medical breakthroughs generally come through clinical research and through trial and error as doctors have treated people who were sick or had been traumatized and wounded from automobile accidents, war, explosions, fire, etc.

Animal experimentation doesn’t benefit human health, but rather generates trillions of dollars for those in the chemical, pharmaceutical, academic, medical, and cosmetic industries. Animal testing results can be skewed to show whatever the researchers desire in order for the flow of money to continue. And they DO this over and over.

Animals are experimented on for cosmetics, cleaners, vices such as cigarettes, foods, beverages, warfare, and other things. This is absolutely needless.

Look online and you will find that 97% of clinical trials on humans fail post non human animal experiments, which means aside from being completely unethical, it is completely USELESS, teaches us nothing, and is a complete WASTE of all these billions of lives per year, suffering away in cages in buildings ALL over the globe. The FDA does not require testing on animals for most things, however, things get on the market quicker if they can be shown to not “be too toxic” by experimenting on animals in all heinous ways, hence the big business of using animals. Also, universities make money EVERY time they write a grant for use of animals, which would quickly DRY UP if they were to use simulators or other research methods which you can find in the link below to Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, below.

Even if ONE human were to be cured by the death of a non human, it should be illegal. It is not our right to use others, it is anthropocentric, and furthermore, HUMANS bring about their OWN illness by living shitty lives without any thought to their health. The only thing that matters is what tastes good. “MMM this tastes good!” MMMM bacon tastes good!” “MMM coca cola tastes good!”  “MMMM potato chips taste good!” ” MMMM this burger tastes good!” “MMM this candy tastes good.” “My child won’t eat anything else.” (asshole parent who never should have introduced the child to fast food IN THE FIRST PLACE.) “My parents taught me to eat this way, and I don’t know how to cook”  “MMM this dryer sheet smells good!” (CHEMICALS CHEMICALS CHEMICALS) “MMMM this air freshener smells good!” “MMM this febreeze cleans my dirty sofa and it smells real good!” “MMM this perfume smells good! (SLATHERING ON CHEMICALS ALL OVER OUR BODIES) “MMMM I love a juicy red tomato that has no imperfections”  (CHEMICALS CHEMICALS CHEMICALS) “I hate bugs” (MORE CHEMCIALS) “I want my lawn grassy and green.”

HUMANS make themselves sick and NOBODY should have to pay for their fucking stupidity; especially not other species who are completely innocent of any crime other than being at the whim of man. (or woman) Take responsibility. It’s YOUR fault for being a crappy consumer who uses no critical thinking skills, and who believes what you are told by megabusiness marketing. See how they suffer for you:



monkey seattle



Why the hell do they have to suffer for your poor choices and inability to think? Are they Jesus Christ? Being bred by humans over and over to be sacrificed for the sins of humanity, for gluttony and vanity?

Children sometimes get sick, and nobody likes to blame parents for their poor choices, but I am. People of any age getting sick is sad; adult or child, but there are alternatives to bad medicine, and you can learn about some of them by clicking PCRM banner below:

You may also begin learning how to be mostly disease free by clicking the photo below and learning about eating a healthy diet for a start.

eat a plant based diet, and stop buying chemicals that you don’t need, and that have not been tested on animals, nor have they animal based ingredients.