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This Mother’s Day, my desire is for all mothers on the planet to stop being raped to breed more of their children for the use of humans; whether it be for mouth candy, clothing, scientific fraud or entertainment. My desire is for humans to stop kidnapping other species’ children in order to use either the children, or the mother. My desire this Mother’s day is for humans to stop making females of other species give their babies’ food to humans. My desire this holiday is for humans to stop taking away honey bees’ elixir and replacing it with sugared substance. My desire is for humans to stop using babies of other species for everything, and to stop making the mothers suffer by the hundreds of thousands on a daily basis by taking those babies away. My desire is that humans stop beating defenseless babies to death for their skins, all the while their mothers are right there to watch. My desire is for humans to stop forcing these other species, AKA domesticated animals, breed for humanity’s sake for “food products”, companionship (pet industry), clothing, (baby cows are ripped from the insides of slaughtered mothers to make “special” calf leather. My dream for this holiday for moms is that humans stop forcing other moms in captivity to breed, and to stop forcibly trying to impregnate them to have a baby of that species which will be a big money maker for zoos AKA prisons. My wish for mother’s day 2013 is that chickens become sterile and can no longer breed for humans to use them to pop out their menstruations for humans to use to make cupcakes, and for which a billion male chicks are ground alive or stuffed into garbage bags as they are not menstruation producers. My desire this holiday is for humans to stop stealing babies from their mother’s in the wild, (Mauritius for example) for experiments claimed to be scientific. My desire is for humans to stop sexually assaulting other animals in order to get semen to then rape females of other species to breed more of their kind FOR the use of humans. It’s time we let other species live their lives, stop taking them from the wild as babies; e.g. lions, tigers, elephants, bears and many others, and stop trying to train them to become what WE HUMANS WANT, and instead leave ALL other mothers THE FUCK alone. My TRUE desire is that all humans STOP becoming mothers. WE have reached maximum capacity.




cow escape


This mother’s Day, ENOUGH of all the horrific treatment of the mothers of other species on this planet.

And YES Sarah Palin, THAT includes YOU too. Here is Sarah Palin bear hunting on mother’s day. ISN’T SHE SWEET?  shooting someone’s mom for mother’s day? Why couldn’t the bear maul the entire family? That would be a mother’s day justice if I ever heard it.

This mother’s day, don’t you think it’s time to stop bringing more humans into the equation? You can choose a HIGH quality of life for few, or you can continue pretending that it’s a miracle for YOU to have a child, and choose a crap quality of life for MANY. This mother’s day, if I believed in a goddess, I would pray for her to sterilize ALL the domesticated animals in the world so they could no longer be mothers. So they could no longer be used as vessels through which humans make more slaves to torture, abuse and murder. Happy mother’s day to all my fellow females of other species who are suffering from human violence against other animals.