LIsten, I KNOW I need to go through and check out all the links to make sure they are working.

^ These are my colleagues. I swear I am not doing this!

I KNOW that I probably link to websites that may have palm oil, or recommend honey. I haven’t checked the blogroll in a long time. I have been a complete blogslacker.  Or you could call me:

Blacker Slog
Blacker Logs
Black Oglers         
Blacks Ogler
Garble Locks
Garbles Lock
Grackle Slob
Grackle Lobs
Grackles Lob
Slacker Glob
Glare Blocks
Lager Blocks
Regal Blocks
Large Blocks
Larges Block
Glares Block
Lagers Block
Gal Blockers
Lag Blockers
Gals Blocker
Slag Blocker
Lags Blocker
A Glob Clerks
A Globs Clerk
Cab Keg Rolls
Cab Kegs Roll
Black Legs Or
Black Gels Or
Black Erg Sol
Black Ergs Lo
Black Re Slog
Black Re Logs
Black Res Log
Blacks Leg Or
Blacks Gel Or
Blacks Erg Lo
Blacks Re Log
Crab Elk Slog
Crab Elk Logs
Crab Elks Log
Crabs Elk Log
Cabs Keg Roll
Scab Keg Roll
Gab Clerk Sol
Gab Clerks Lo
Gab Cork Sell
Gab Cork Ells
Gab Rock Sell
Gab Rock Ells
Gab Corks Ell
Gab Rocks Ell
Bag Clerk Sol
Bag Clerks Lo
Bag Cork Sell
Bag Cork Ells
Bag Rock Sell
Bag Rock Ells
Bag Corks Ell
Bag Rocks Ell
Grab Locks El
Grab Sock Ell
Brag Locks El
Brag Sock Ell
Garb Locks El
Garb Sock Ell
Grabs Lock El
Garbs Lock El
Brags Lock El
Bags Clerk Lo
Bags Cork Ell
Bags Rock Ell
Gabs Clerk Lo
Gabs Cork Ell
Gabs Rock Ell
Balk Rec Slog
Balk Rec Logs
Balk Recs Log
Balk Clog Res
Balk Clogs Re
Balks Rec Log
Balks Clog Re
Bark Cells Go
Bark Clogs El
Bark Cog Sell
Bark Cog Ells
Bark Cogs Ell
Barks Cell Go
Barks Clog El
Barks Cog Ell
Lab Clerks Go
Lab Lock Ergs
Lab Locks Erg
Lab Cork Legs
Lab Cork Gels
Lab Rock Legs
Lab Rock Gels
Lab Corks Leg
Lab Corks Gel
Lab Rocks Leg
Lab Rocks Gel
Alb Clerks Go
Alb Lock Ergs
Alb Locks Erg
Alb Cork Legs
Alb Cork Gels
Alb Rock Legs
Alb Rock Gels
Alb Corks Leg
Alb Corks Gel
Alb Rocks Leg
Alb Rocks Gel
Ball Sock Erg
Albs Clerk Go
Albs Lock Erg
Albs Cork Leg
Albs Cork Gel
Albs Rock Leg
Albs Rock Gel
Slab Clerk Go
Slab Lock Erg
Slab Cork Leg
Slab Cork Gel
Slab Rock Leg
Slab Rock Gel
Labs Clerk Go
Labs Lock Erg
Labs Cork Leg
Labs Cork Gel
Labs Rock Leg
Labs Rock Gel
Bar Clog Elks
Bar Clogs Elk
Bar Lock Legs
Bar Lock Gels
Bar Locks Leg
Bar Locks Gel
Bra Clog Elks
Bra Clogs Elk
Bra Lock Legs
Bra Lock Gels
Bra Locks Leg
Bra Locks Gel
Bras Clog Elk
Bras Lock Leg
Bras Lock Gel
Bars Clog Elk
Bars Lock Leg
Bars Lock Gel
Abs Clerk Log
Crag Lob Elks
Crag Slob Elk
Crag Lobs Elk
Crags Lob Elk
Scrag Lob Elk
Calk Berg Sol
Calk Bergs Lo
Calk Glob Res
Calk Globs Re
Calk Lob Ergs
Calk Slob Erg
Calk Lobs Erg
Calk Bro Legs
Calk Bro Gels
Calk Orb Legs
Calk Orb Gels
Calk Rob Legs
Calk Rob Gels
Calk Bros Leg
Calk Bros Gel
Calk Orbs Leg
Calk Orbs Gel
Calk Robs Leg
Calk Robs Gel
Lack Berg Sol
Lack Bergs Lo
Lack Glob Res
Lack Globs Re
Lack Lob Ergs
Lack Slob Erg
Lack Lobs Erg
Lack Bro Legs
Lack Bro Gels
Lack Orb Legs
Lack Orb Gels
Lack Rob Legs
Lack Rob Gels
Lack Bros Leg
Lack Bros Gel
Lack Orbs Leg
Lack Orbs Gel
Lack Robs Leg
Lack Robs Gel
Lacks Berg Lo
Lacks Glob Re
Lacks Lob Erg
Lacks Bro Leg
Lacks Bro Gel
Lacks Orb Leg
Lacks Orb Gel
Lacks Rob Leg
Lacks Rob Gel
Slack Berg Lo
Slack Glob Re
Slack Lob Erg
Slack Bro Leg
Slack Bro Gel
Slack Orb Leg
Slack Orb Gel
Slack Rob Leg
Slack Rob Gel
Calks Berg Lo
Calks Glob Re
Calks Lob Erg
Calks Bro Leg
Calks Bro Gel
Calks Orb Leg
Calks Orb Gel
Calks Rob Leg
Calks Rob Gel
Rack Bells Go
Rack Globs El
Rack Gob Sell
Rack Gob Ells
Rack Bog Sell
Rack Bog Ells
Rack Gobs Ell
Rack Bogs Ell
Rack Lob Legs
Rack Lob Gels
Rack Slob Leg
Rack Slob Gel
Rack Lobs Leg
Rack Lobs Gel
Racks Bell Go
Racks Glob El
Racks Gob Ell
Racks Bog Ell
Racks Lob Leg
Racks Lob Gel
Sack Beg Roll
Sack Boll Erg
Cask Beg Roll
Cask Boll Erg
Lac Kerb Slog
Lac Kerb Logs
Lac Kerbs Log
Call Kerbs Go
Call Bro Kegs
Call Orb Kegs
Call Rob Kegs
Call Bros Keg
Call Orbs Keg
Call Robs Keg
Calls Kerb Go
Calls Bro Keg
Calls Orb Keg
Calls Rob Keg
Lacs Kerb Log
Arc Glob Elks
Arc Globs Elk
Arc Boll Kegs
Arc Bolls Keg
Car Glob Elks
Car Globs Elk
Car Boll Kegs
Car Bolls Keg
Scar Glob Elk
Scar Boll Keg
Arcs Glob Elk
Arcs Boll Keg
Cars Glob Elk
Cars Boll Keg
Gal Block Res
Gal Blocks Re
Gal Sob Clerk
Lag Block Res
Lag Blocks Re
Lag Sob Clerk
Gall Becks Or
Gall Bock Res
Gall Bocks Re
Gall Be Corks
Gall Be Rocks
Gall Kerb Cos
Galls Beck Or
Galls Bock Re
Galls Be Cork
Galls Be Rock
Gals Block Re
Slag Block Re
Lags Block Re
Rag Blocks El
Rag Bock Sell
Rag Bock Ells
Rag Bocks Ell
Rag Bloc Elks
Rag Blocs Elk
Rag Bell Sock
Gar Blocks El
Gar Bock Sell
Gar Bock Ells
Gar Bocks Ell
Gar Bloc Elks
Gar Blocs Elk
Gar Bell Sock
Gars Block El
Gars Bock Ell
Gars Bloc Elk
Rags Block El
Rags Bock Ell
Rags Bloc Elk
Sag Beck Roll
Sag Bell Cork
Sag Bell Rock
Sag Lob Clerk
Gas Beck Roll
Gas Bell Cork
Gas Bell Rock
Gas Lob Clerk
Lark Cob Legs
Lark Cob Gels
Lark Cobs Leg
Lark Cobs Gel
Lark Be Clogs
Lark Glob Sec
Larks Cob Leg
Larks Cob Gel
Larks Be Clog
Ark Bloc Legs
Ark Bloc Gels
Ark Blocs Leg
Ark Blocs Gel
Ark Bell Cogs
Ark Bells Cog
Ark Gob Cells
Ark Bog Cells
Ark Gobs Cell
Ark Bogs Cell
Arks Bloc Leg
Arks Bloc Gel
Arks Bell Cog
Arks Gob Cell
Arks Bog Cell
La Block Ergs
La Blocks Erg
La Berg Locks
La Bergs Lock
La Kerb Clogs
La Kerbs Clog
La Gob Clerks
La Bog Clerks
La Gobs Clerk
La Bogs Clerk
All Bock Ergs
All Bocks Erg
All Beg Corks
All Beg Rocks
All Berg Sock
All Begs Cork
All Begs Rock
All Kerb Cogs
All Kerbs Cog
Alls Bock Erg
Alls Beg Cork
Alls Beg Rock
Alls Kerb Cog
Las Block Erg
Las Berg Lock
Las Kerb Clog
Las Gob Clerk
Las Bog Clerk
As Glob Clerk

or any one of those. Basically, I have been out doing some activism for the non human Earthlings, and I have been working on my business. So, if you find that things are not linking correctly, or if you find that some of the websites in the blogroll are welfarist, or not to your liking, PLEASE feel free to let me know, as I have certainly changed my views over the last few years.

Thank you.

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