Universal Tomato Sauce

The fall harvest brings a bounty of tomatoes that can be hard to keep up with. If you have the room, one trick is to put whole tomatoes into freezer bags and store in the freezer, pulling them out as needed any time of the year. You can also store […]

NEW! The Living Maxwell Podcast

You can subscribe to the Living Maxwell podcast on: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn. — I am very excited to announce that the Living Maxwell Podcast has officially launched! In my travels over the past decade – to trade shows, conferences, speaking engagements, marches and protests — I […]

2018 Organic Confluences Conference: Evaluating and Advancing Knowledge Transfer in Organic

Read the Outcomes of the 2018 Organic Confluences Conference here! The Organic Confluences Conference: Evaluating and Advancing Knowledge Transfer in Organic Production (May 21- 22, 2018, Washington, D.C.) brought together extension professionals representatives of relevant non-profit organizations, scientific experts, organic and conventional producers policymakers, industry participants and other stakeholders to […]

Organic Research Consortium:

September 10, 2019 Hilton, Baltimore, MD Strategic partnerships to build a scaffolding for prioritizing research projects to address the top needs of the organic community  For more a map of where the event will take place inside the Hilton, click here. 9:00-9:15am                  Welcome, Opening Remarks and Introductions 9:15-10:15am                 Organic […]

Organic Foods: What You Need to Know

What does “organic” mean? The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. While the regulations vary from country to country, in the U.S., organic crops must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Organic livestock […]