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Question authority. Question your allegiances. Shoot the SHIT that is all around you.

It is now time to question your value systems. If you consider yourself compassionate, it may be time to revisit the definition:

Compassion |kəmˈpa sh ən|:

noun, “Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others: the victims should be treated with compassion. See note at mercy.”

So I decided to dig deeper, and to put mercy here as well:

Mercy |ˈmərsē|:

noun ( pl. -cies) “Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm : the boy was screaming and begging for mercy.”

Funny thing; when I looked up these two words, I didn’t see ONE mention of “others” or “someone” indicating only HUMANS.

Violence will never cease to exist as long as we consider it acceptable to be violent to other species. It is pointless to discuss campaigns of non violence toward humans, when we are brutal to the most innocent of beings who depend on us, who cannot defend themselves, and who cannot scream NO in the human language. Putting an end to all violence begins with the weakest, and those at our mercy. Needless acts of violence are committed daily (numbering over 25 Million per day) against non human animals for human vanity, needless human gluttony, needless research and needless testing which saves no human lives; whilst giving up eating animal carcasses and other animals’ babies’ milk could spare billions of non human animals a life of misery and murder, and would spare many human animals a life of suffering and premature death.

I am a nurse practitioner, I have a master’s degree in nursing, and I am a man who cares deeply and passionately about peace and justice, and try to live by these principles in all aspects of my life. I have studied women’s issues, and consider myself to lean more toward the feminist state of mind than the patriarchal. I cannot control if I step on a bug, or if a bird hits my windshield, but I can make the ethical choice to not support the breeding, enslavement, rape, abuse, torture, and murder of billions of animals.  I have zero tolerance for know it alls, human-centrism, apathy, ego-manics, selfishness, mega-consumers, bullies, laziness, excuse makers, denial, religious fanatics, people who care only about issues that directly pertain to their own lives, talk without action, talk without knowledge, or violence. (especially toward those who cannot defend themselves) Choosing to take the life of another is murder. It is my wish that individuals and institutions who play “god” all be imprisoned permanently. I think about how my existence and choices impact others and the planet. I practice what I preach. I will help anyone who asks. ALL beings are precious to me.

SPECIESISM – “A prejudice or bias in favour of the interests of members of one’s own species and against those of members of other species.” – Peter Singer

If an “angry vegan” is enough of a reason for you to reject veganism, is it safe for me to assume that an “angry anti-war activist” would make you PRO war? Would an “angry anti-pedophilia” campaign director make you PRO pedophilia? Would an “angry anti-rape campaigner upset you to the point that you would be PRO rape? Would an “angry anti violence” activist make you LIKE violence? Then I have to assume that your continued decision to choose cruelty over compassion is because YOU are a cruel person. Veganism is NOT about vegans; never has been; and NEVER will be. (Paraphrased from Davegan. Thank you to him)

Human centrism, or speciesism, will cause the destruction of our species and others, and the planet on which we live. Other creatures have just as much right to be on this planet as humans, but are losing the battle for space because, like in everything else, humans are UNABLE to control themselves. It’s time to think before we continue making so many humans that there is NO room for other animals. I will never advocate for all other creatures on this planet to live in human designed reservations or zoos because they cannot live in their own natural habitat due to HUMAN OVERPOPULATION. Loving all beings as I do, I want all creatures great and small to live a healthy and happy life, and to have opportunity. This is impossible if human animals continue procreating without thinking of the repercussions. Right now we are destroying the planet. This planet is FINITE. Take responsibility for your actions.

I want to share information with people that they would not otherwise get through mainstream media, or, through discourse in their personal and professional lives. I am not afraid to discuss subjects that are taboo. I am not afraid of offending people with knowledge. If people’s sensibilities are hurt, they should go visit a slaughterhouse, a shelter, or a nursing home. I want people to stop believing what the idiot box, billboards, their churches, their parents, their bosses, and their friends tell them. I want people to trust their gut, question authority, the status quo, and their own biases, and not behave like little neo nazi corporate drones. I truly want to respect and admire more humans; and that can only happen if they let go of apathy and complacency, begin thinking of others aside from their own inner circles, and use the brains they were given.

The time to act is NOW before we completely destroy the world on which we live. Please be silent no more. Please do not be afraid of telling the truth. Being polite and politically correct will not help anyone, and will not save our world. Please be the change you want to see. You must act now. Please let go of being concerned with appearances and continually being concerned with your own personal pleasure and enjoyment; especially at the expense of the lives of others, when you can make a choice not to. Please stop making excuses to justify behaviors that either you or those you love participate in because you cannot face the consequences of the possible loss of friendships or loved ones. Being silent because of fear of rejection is not honorable. Please do not protect big industry. It’s not too late to stop these habits, and it should not stop there, but you should also educate and empower others to follow suit.

I created this site in order to “shoot” the system lies created by mostly white, and mostly men. I want to shoot the shit that has penetrated into people’s minds; shoot it into tiny fragments that decrease over and over in size until finally, their molecular structure is broken apart, the size of the shit molecules with which they bombard us are so miniscule that they once and for all disappear in our minds; allowing us to think clearly, to think compassionately, to think about others aside from just ourselves.

I spend many hours of my time dedicated to the creation of this project. I am doing it in the hopes that some people will open their minds and hearts, and will search through the information vegangster offers, and also visit other sites to which I have linked. I did not create vegangster.org for me. I don’t do this for money. This website is not about me. This website is not ABOUT being vegan. This website is about TRUTH. I’ts about INTEGRITY. It’s about HONESTY. It’s about COMPASSION. It’s about busting the advertising, health care and agriculture industry LIES wide open. It’s about giving information so people can CHANGE. I am spreading the word about the suffering of billions of animals; mostly non human. They are NOT here for OUR use. I am poppin’ a cap in the ass of the system. I am SICK of lies. I am an ARNP. I will not be silenced. Let vegangsterARNP BLOW your mind.

17 thoughts on “About vegangsterARNP”

  1. I am in agreement with you and posted a link to your blog on fb, hoping that others might be moved after reading some of your posts. However, people are turned off because of your profile pic (including me)! May I ask why you chose to picture yourself with a gun & looking quite frightening? I’m guessing that you’re being sarcastic (gangster), but I do think if that’s the case, it’s backfiring (!).

    • vegangsterARNP said:

      Hello. Thank you for writing your opinion. You are correct. It is an ironic photo which goes with the heading on the home page which says, “vegangster – shoot the shit” The gun is there to symbolize shooting the “shit”, the lies, the massive brainwashing that we are getting. I think that is quite clear in the autobio section at the very bottom, to be specific. I do appreciate your input! Thanks.

      • ditch the gun!

      • no.

        i don’t like censorship. it says shoot the shit.. which is what i’d like to do… shoot the shit. read the about section.

        spend some time telling people to ditch rape, kidnapping, torture, mutilation and murder.. tell people to ditch cruelty. tell people to DITCH animal products.

  2. As I thought, but unfortunately the people I’m trying to reach aren’t getting past the picture. By any chance, could the ‘shoot’ be symbolized with a camera pointing at one of the atrocious lies/liars? Probably not, but your site could be a great source for those who might be ready to open their minds (as it is for those of us who are already there).

    • vegangsterARNP said:

      Thank you. I will consider your input. By the way, I run ALL posts by my girlfriend. She likes it the way it is. Peace out.

  3. I think this is a great blog (I found it through being referred here to your Futter recipe!). Some of your points above really got me thinking, especially with regards to how non-vegans often reject veganism based on how they perceive vegans as ‘angry’, rather than based on the principles of veganism. I never thought of it that way! So next time someone says something like “It’s other vegans that put me off being vegan” I’m going to point this out to them!

    Also – I do like your picture but I agree a bit with Jane as well, in that you have to ‘get past’ the picture because it has an appearance of violence (especially since you clearly reject violence). Not everyone gets irony I suppose. But you can’t please everybody all of the time!

  4. veganvengeancePA said:

    i think it takes all kinds of approaches. from cat cartoons to symbolic deadly weapons. there’s a place for all kinds of activism. (if the animals in these images could speak, they’d be yelling at us to do all we can, and fuck being pc).

    can i be veganvengeancePA?

    • vegangsterARNP said:

      Please do! I encourage everyone to not only abstain from eating animals and their products; which is SUPER easy to do, but i challenge them to become a VOICE as well. Thank you!

  5. I really liked your blog and agree with you totally.My problem is my husband who is a meateater and probably will be forever:(. So because I do the cooking he has at least 5 vegetarian meals a week.I also buy all the food.The problem is this-I am starting to feel resentful for cooking his pieces of meat.Help! is there a solution cause I dont argue with him he just gets his back-up.

    • Did YOU EVER DO anything Bonnie??? Your choices are made at the grocer’s, and if YOU are the one cooking, it is up to you to make the ethical decision and stop the madness of eating other animals and THEIR products. and please do NOT forget about buying products for your body and your home that neither contain, NOR have been tested on animals.

  6. photo doesn’t bother me! Love your work Vegangster!

  7. Abhay Rangan said:

    Thank you veganganster for promoting veganism. I came across some very good pictures here which I want to use in my book on veganism and I request you to grant me your kind permission to do so. Thank you.

    • vegangsterARNP said:

      Hi. That is fine. Please feel free to use photos, and please keep me updated on your book. All the best.

  8. veganvengeancePA said:

    have you ever written an order at work for a patient to adhere to a vegetarian diet? i don’t think that should be an unusual order. it’s non-invasive, carries no risk, no cost. i’ve been vegan for 11.5 years. my labs are excellent every year.

  9. Christina VeGan said:

    I love this. Thanks for giving a damn!

  10. Christina VeGan said:

    And I LOVE the mutrfuken picture!!

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