Non-Organic Milk Tests Positive for Illegal Antibiotics, High Levels of Growth Hormones and Controversial Pesticide Contaminants

For years, I have been warning about the health risks of drinking non-organic hormonal milk. But it isn’t just the synthetic growth hormones that are worrisome. It is also the alarming level of antibiotics that animals receive and the pesticide-soaked, GMO grains they are fed. A recently published report from […]

The Living Maxwell Podcast, Episode #3 — Green Chef founder Michael Joseph on Building the Country’s Leading Organic Meal Kit Service

You can subscribe to the Living Maxwell podcast on: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn and Google Play. — No one blinks when you now talk about buying organic food online. However, this was hardly the case a decade or so ago when food was almost entirely purchased at some type of retail location. And […]