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I am very excited to announce that the Living Maxwell Podcast has officially launched!

In my travels over the past decade – to trade shows, conferences, speaking engagements, marches and protests — I have been fortunate to meet many interesting and inspiring people doing some very cool things in the organic food world. For this podcast, I’ll be taking you inside of this world and having conversations with many of the industry’s leading figures.

But this will not be just an organic food podcast.

I will also be having conversations with people outside of the organic food world as well.

Regardless of who the guest is, it is my goal in this podcast to have really honest conversations – because those are the kind of conversations that I like listen to and have myself.

This stems directly from what happened in my life when I went off of a decade of antidepressants in 2001. It took me 3.5 years to recover, I was suicidal, and this whole experience impacted my life in a very deep way. And all of this is the basis of my memoir, which will be coming out in late 2019.

Given what took place in my life, I became very curious about what happened to other people when they hit some very challenging times in the lives, how they persevered, and what they learned along the way.

So, the Living Maxwell Podcast is the place where I will be having these conversations …. Conversations with people inside and outside of the organic food world. And what I hope is that after listening to my podcast, you will feel inspired or that you have learned something important.

If you have been reading my work over the years, I would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to The Living Maxwell Podcast on iTunes (or wherever you listen to podcasts) and leave a comment and review.

And if you ever have any suggestions for guests, please feel free to Tweet them to me @livingmaxwell.

Thank you for reading and see you on the pod!

(The Living Maxwell podcast can be found on: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn.)

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