Punk ass Pita


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This shit RISES yo! It puffs up and makes the best pita bread you have ever eaten. Slice it open and insert your food and there will be no mess.

Recipe (makes 10-12 pita pockets):

  • 1 tsp evaporated cane juice (wholesome sweeteners is vegan)
  • 1/2 cup warm water (somewhere between 95 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit for the yeast, my pleasing-yet-unreliable method is to stick my finger in and go, “hm, does that feel comfy for yeast?”)
  • 1 package of yeast (or if you buy it in bulk, about 2.25 tsp).

Mix these items together. Let them sit 10-15 minutes, it will form a big foamy head. This means it is happy. If there is no foam, it will NOT make your dough rise. This is because it is UNhappy. The yeast being dead or the water being the wrong temperature may also be contributing factors.

Separately, in a big bowl, mix together:

  • 3 cups flour (white whole wheat, King Arthur’s or Bob’s Red Mill organic)
  • 1 1/4 tsp salt

Form it as if you were making a volcano in a sandbox, a big mountain with a chasm in the middle. Pour in the foamy yeast mix, and begin stirring it with one hand. With the other slowly/intermittently pour in:

  • 1 cup warm water

Mix it in pretty well, and then take the whole fleshy ball and place it on a well floured counter or cutting board. Begin kneading it.

With this recipe, I continually flour the board generously throughout. I’d say I added at least 1/2 cup more of flour while kneading, in bits whenever it started sticking to everything. In fact, let’s add that to the ingredients for all of you pre-cooking recipe skimmers:

  • 1/2 cup flour (white whole wheat, King Arthur’s or Bob’s Red Mill organic)

Knead it for 15 minutes. Grab the front part of the dough and fold it back, and then push down with your palms. I love this part.

This is quite a vigorous workout for your yeast, as you could imagine, and so it needs a nice warm place to relax before the final race. Oil the inside of your mixing bowl, place the ball of dough in, then flip the dough (so that both sides are greased). Cover it with a towel, and put the bowl in a warm place (I actually set the bowl on top of a yogurt maker turned on, which provides a nice low-level heat. An oven turned on for a minute and then off for a minute should work well too)

Let the dough rise 2-3 hours, it should be double in size. Gently punch it down, pull it out of the bowl, and then knead it on your floured surface a couple minutes. The tear it into approximately 10-12 pieces.

At this point, move your oven rack to the lowest position in the oven (you will be baking there), and turn on your oven. You want it at 500 degrees. This is pretty hot, so listen carefully: when you open the oven, a gust/cloud/wave of burning heat will leap from the stove. So make SURE your face is turned away and you are out of the way. This blast of heat in your eyes hurts, so please look away.

Back to the dough. Take one the pieces, wet your fingertips, and knead it with your fingertips for about 10 seconds. Then put more flour down, and put the now-rounded piece in the flour, then flip it, and then roll it out with a rolling pin. You don’t want it too thin, maybe 1/4 inch. And as round as possible. Then set it aside for baking (note: I stack mine, but the bottom ones tend to stick together, I would recommend maybe not stacking them more then 6 high).

Once the oven is completely preheated (don’t begin until it is!!!), put your cookie sheet (or baking/bread stone if you have one. Hm, maybe a stone should be put in earlier, not sure) in the oven for a minute to warm it. Take it out, put some of the dough discs on it (I generally can fit 3/sheet), and then pop it back in the oven. After 4 minutes they should have blown up like a baloon, flip them. Bake them another 2 minutes. Take them out and put them on a cooling rack. Repeat until you’re done.

Make them. I usually make a double batch, and freeze half of them, as it is a bit time consuming; although it is worth the time. Make Hummus to go with it. You won’t be disappointed. Unless of course, you screw them up. ;) . No need to worry if you follow the recipe. They WILL turn out. They taste super good. They are magnificently easy to cut open to slip in your food.

You can even Roll a few to be 3/4″ thick and eat ‘em like english muffins, and eat with Futter vegan butter. When cooked in the shape of a muffin they REALLY have the taste and consistency of a muffin when done. You should leave some extra dough for this amazing treat!

Now fill your pita with all sorts of food: KALE! HUMMUS! PEPPERS! SPROUTS!

Slacktose Intolerance


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This blog is dedicated with lots of hearts, ahimsas, namastes and love and light to all those people who take pride in having very high morals because they do not eat animals or animal products……..

………but who continually seek validation and make excuses for others who live a lifestyle they themselves protest to abhor; the one of violence. Sometiimes through prayer, and other times by adding these pretty sounding words onto their verbal or written speech, these people of high morals think that by doing so they will be able to reach the minds of others who are stuck in an abusive relationship: the one where people are partaking in the absolute slavery and exploitation of non humans. Sorry folks, but that is not so.

What we really have is a really good case of see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. If it isn’t pretty to talk about, then we mustn’t do so when it may be offensive to the majority of the population. The truth makes people uncomfortable.  However, there is one good reason I can think of to discuss the facts, and it has nothing to do with us, but all to do with the billions of animals who are enslaved.

I think when people say that non vegans must not be pushed, or only be engaged about veganism (such a scary word I know; all about living a non violent lifestyle) very gently, (avoiding offensive factual speech or graphic photos) that it is nothing more than an excuse, and a sign of a slacker who cannot be asked to discuss the brutal realities of life. These people enjoy the beautiful things in life; not unlike myself, but whereas I enjoy beauty and happiness, I also see the grays and the blacks as well, and it is because of the dark horrible realities that are hidden away from light and from all our views, that I find it unforgivable to not speak of these things to people who are ignorant of these facts. These slackers would prefer to never speak of what they call negativity, not truly out of love or light or kindness for the feelings they may bruise, but out of fear; the fear that they will look bad, lose friends, make enemies or lose family members.

Not telling people when the opportunity presents itself, within reason of course, about why people live a vegan lifestyle is just plain slack, and does NOT help anyone but the person who refuses to discuss the facts. They are protecting numero uno, and are more concerned with being liked, and with not offending others with facts, rather than with being the messenger for the massacre.  (BTW, it’s NOT about BEING vegan, but rather about not paying for slavery and brutality.) It’s important to understand WHY we are vegan, and to be able to explain it, and not ever make veganism about the vegan, but about the OTHERS.

With regards to vegans who talk of the difficulty to EATING VEGETABLES, or loving the person but hating the act, or who think it pertinent to point out to other vegans that “you used to eat meat; you came to veganism at your own time, so let others do so as well!”; let’s clear this up now: THE OTHER CREATURES LIVING IN CAGES AND TOTAL DARKNESS CANNOT WAIT. I don’t think I will ever see your version of tolerance as a virtue, when it is only there as a protective shield which serves as an excuse to a) protect the person from the distress of having to discuss the painful reality of non human animals, b) a way to not put people off by discussing REALITY because GOSH we all know that if you are too graphic, people will just block you out, or c) again a coping mechanism for the vegan who is riddled with the guilty feelings for having at one time eaten animals, therefore they think they must understand the non vegan, accept them, EVEN when the non vegan KNOWS reality but has 20 excuses to not make the easiest change ever: the food on their plate. We aren’t discussing race, religion or political choices here. We are talking about abuse on a massive scale.

Just because it’s your family member, friend, or lover does not make tolerance OK. Letting go of the idea that we need these people in our lives who are not living in alignment with their values is a giant step toward living our lives in alignment with our own. It is time for a little tough love. Just like children need boundaries, so do all humans; and you can begin by not only setting an example of morality, but by expecting and demanding it from others.  It is true that people are not born knowing the facts of the realities of how humans control their environment, control the lives of all earthlings, and where our food, clothing and products come from. All of us who have made the decision to do as little harm as possible within our constraints were most of us at one time supporting an abusive and exploitative system of killing.

Nevertheless, once faced with reality, we made a conscious decision and effort to change. People should then come to the decision on their own that they can no longer be a part of the system of brutality and barbaric tradition, but they CANNOT come to this decision without first having the education, and second, without having a mentor who expects them to live up to the values they preach of non violence. It is then the responsibility of each one of these humans to seek out information to break free of the sick culture by learning what, and what not to consume; from foods to body products to clothing. All of this information is FREE online. It is NOT rocket science. I am sure we all do our best to help these people. I have offered numerous times online to help those who asked genuinely for help. However, I will not validate an educated person’s choice to continue condoning the slaughter of non human animals by the millions per day, nor will I excuse it, nor will I accept it in my personal life.

Tolerance is a good word if it is in regards to a personal choice that hurts no one. In the case of eating animals, dairy or eggs, there IS an entire group of beings who have absolutely no say in the matter. To have tolerance for people who condone this once they know reality is to be an accomplice. The question is: will your ties with friends and family be more important than living up to your values? If you claim to be non-speciesist, would you be more offended if your family or friends chose to eat baby humans? Furthermore, would you say something then!? Something to think about…

Psychology teaches us time and again that inconsistency is not a way to model good behavior, nor to get good results or outcomes. Nor do people change behavior patterns when they are continually rewarded for bad behavior. By bad behavior here, I am referring to living a cruel life, as opposed to as cruelty free as possible. Don’t get me wrong; I am all about educating people and also encouraging people who are going little by little who are genuinely trying and succeeding in giving up the animals parts and products to which they have been addicted for years of their lives due to the societal training, That said, I think tolerance for people who know the facts, but who view their contribution to cruelty as a personal choice just bloody insane. What’s more, patting people on the back for choosing to eat organic animals, free-range animals, organic milk or cheese, or organic/free range eggs OR for having one meal a week on meatless Mondays with no animals is asinine.

I have very little tolerance for those who have tolerance of this kind. I have zero tolerance for slackers and accomplices. This will NOT help the case to end the holocaust but will only hurt it as it makes excuses, exceptions and is absolutely a MIXED MESSAGE. People must understand they are paying for slavery and brutality. Then, and only then will people begin to be, if for no other reason, shamed into behaving like the decent human beings they claim to be. VEGANISM IS THE MORAL BASELINE. You can either be an actor or a slacker. THAT is your own personal choice.

About Last Night…


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Honey, I didn’t tell you but….er…..um…..last night…..the condom broke!

Is PLAN B medication assisted infanticide? Is it an ABORTION! (OH THAT DREADED WORD!) Is an egg inside a woman’s body that has just had a sperm enter it a LIVING being? That is what a few pharmacists claim who have taken the state of WA to court and who have won their court case this week to essentially throw out the law from 2007 making it illegal for pharmacists to refuse to sell Plan B medication. According to Kristen Waggoner, the attorney for the plaintiff, regarding the 2007 ruling, “These regulations were not about access to medication. They were about appeasing the governor and Planned Parenthood, and a political agenda to stamp out religious objections to plan B.”

What IS plan B? In the document, you will read this little jewel: “There may be disagreement about the actual scientific operation of the drugs, or whether they are in fact abortifacients. The court did not admit evidence on either side regarding this issue, (WHY THE HELL NOT?) and instead accepted Plaintiffs’ testimony that their faith precludes them from delivering the drugs.” (BELOW the comic you will find the medscape mechanism of action of Plan B)

A pharmacist is now able to be a “conscientious objector” and refuse to sell this medication to a person, and would permit the pharmacist to get another pharmacist to do it. This can greatly affect the psyche of a person who goes to a pharmacy and gets a moral judgement passed on her. If one pharmacist has this ideology, another is to be working the same day to serve those who wish to buy this pill. There is however, NO enforcement of this, so pharmacies are able to work around this. Pharmacies are also permitted to not stock items which go against their religious or other morals.

Click here to see the bill for yourself

Here is a video about the ruling.

Physiological Mechanism of Action for EC (Emergency Contraception)

The start of pregnancy is scientifically defined as implantation of the blastocyst in the endometrium of the uterus, an event that generally takes place 5-7 days after fertilization of the egg (Glaiser, 1997). There are three ways that hormonal EC may function to prevent pregnancy: delaying ovulation, preventing fertilization, or preventing implantation of a fertilized egg; the method of action depends on the part of the menstrual cycle the woman is in at the time of unprotected intercourse (Croxatto et al., 2001).

EC is not an abortifacient, and will not harm or cause teratogenic effects to an existing pregnancy (Glaiser, 1997; Croxatto et al., 2001). EC does not function in the same way as Mifepristone (also known as Mifeprex or RU-486), used for early first trimester abortions, which works by blocking the action of progesterone thus interfering with the establishment and maintenance of the placenta. Mifepristone also binds to glucocorticoid and androgen receptors and stimulates prostaglandin synthesis by early deciduas cells (Stewart, Ellertson, & Cates, 2004).

There was initially some concern that the use of EC might increase a woman’s risk for the development of an ectopic pregnancy, but a recent large scale review of the literature indicates that of over 33,000 women who used EC included in the studies reviewed, only 5 ectopic pregnancies were reported, which is the same or lower than the expected rate of ectopic pregnancy in the general population (Cheng et al., 2004; Farquhar, 2005).

Regarding defendant intervenors, from the document: “The Defendant-Intervenors are various individuals personally concerned about access to lawful medications in Washington. Two are HIV-positive individuals concerned that the success of Plaintiffs’ claims could result in the denial of lawfully prescribed and medically necessary drugs to combat their condition, based on the asserted religious or moral judgment of the dispensing pharmacist or pharmacy.” (and RIGHTLY SO!)

A dangerous precedence has been set here. interpretation of religion is only as good as the person doing the interpreting. This opens the doors for anyone with some type of moral objection to bring other cases before the court based on their personal beliefs, at the cost of people who may need urgent care. What will be next; Mormons or Catholics who refuse to sell condoms, or to refuse to sell AIDS medication to a person who has contracted HIV through drug use or related to a homosexual relationship? Will men who have particular values be unable to sell medication to women because they think women should stay home and not be out at stores by themselves? Will a Muslim be permitted to deny stocking lifesaving thyroid medication made from pigs? (OK, I think this medicine is HORRIBLE and that they should all be synthetic, but permit me the license just this once for artistic and educational purposes.)

You know, all this talk about morals and values and NOT about the actual mechanism of action of the medication have got me thinking. Maybe I too could be a conscientious objector. Maybe I could bring a lawsuit against the state for making me give Diabetes type II medication, or high blood pressure (hypertension) medications as I think they are a farce. I could say it is against my religion to sell these medications based on the fact that people DO not really need them, but instead need different eating habits. If I were to refuse medication to a patient, I would probably choose to refuse to sell diabetes type II medications, as well as cardiovascular medications, hypertensives, or any other number of medications that are just a pharmaceutical company’s wet dream, money making scheme. Instead, I would discuss with a patient how to change their lifestyle, and how to change what they ingest from dead animal parts, to living vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruit. By doing just ONE day of this I am sure the patients’ blood pressure would begin dropping rapidly, and the DM type II would shape up within a month.

One blogger in WA state’s essay about Plan B




Value Flakes:

are NOT just a cheaply priced cereal.

There are plenty of people who are value flakes too. They let go of their values at the drop of a hat for various reasons. Is there anyone in your life who has a particularly strong set of beliefs, but who has the ability to change his or her morals based on the people around whom he or she is surrounded? Are their morals like a veritable “light switch”; to be turned on and off at the drop of a hat? Let us examine what it is to have a particular set of morals or a system of beliefs, and how important it is to be consistent.

After perusing this blog, I am sure people now know what it means to be vegan. Deciding to live by a vegan philosophy is the natural evolution of a human whose eyes have been opened to the cruelty, who has seen reality, and who makes a conscious decision to no longer participate in the system of slavery within his/her constraints. As such, can a person who is really decent be able to turn their morals off and on at their whim to suit their own personal or professional needs? (I’ll use this green reusable shopping bag, and I will fill it with chicken parts.) Wait one minute here; isn’t killing bad? Don’t we preach non violence? Is not veganism about THE OTHERS? When did it become about US?

Here are some possible examples of these flaky people’s thought processes (whether they are vegan, or vegetarian or people who think of themselves as progressive and compassionate):

  • I am Pregnant, therefore I must not live as a vegan, and it’s ok to exploit animals just for a little while because I have a human baby inside me.
  • The people at my job cannot know I am vegan so I must eat this food on the plate, OR, the people at my job all eat meat so I will not be vegan.
  • It would be wrong to alienate my friends, so I will eat the food they offer me.
  • I am traveling, and when in Rome you know, OR, I cannot be vegan because what happens if I am in a rural Eskimo village one day and all they serve is meat? Then I would be living a lie!
  • It wouldn’t make a difference anyhow what I do; it’s going to happen anyway.
  • I am scared of standing out, and being different, so in this case I will make an exception, OR, I never want to standout, hence I will not be a vegan as that is too weird!
  • I only visit my family at the holidays so I can make an exception; no big deal.

and my ALL time favorite (not really, I HATE this excuse)

  • My girlfriend/boyfriend will not date me if I am vegan, so I can eat some cheese and eggs and meat now and again; it’s not going to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. After all, maybe I can “convert” him/her!

What is wrong with the picture below? Since when did values become about our relationship with others, and how they affect US? Should not our values be about higher things? I am not talking about a man in the sky when I say that! There are many things that I could say are wrong about the picture, but I will choose one. Nowhere in the picture do I see anything about social justice. It is all about the self.  I think the self is only as important as the other beings around us. The dedication of one’s life for the benefit of others is in my opinion is one of the highest values one can have, and I dare say that most people would agree; that is until they have to make changes in their own lives. Those who vehemently oppose slavery, abuse, and killing, yet who conveniently “forget” about this and their ideals at times in order to fit in are just flaky, wish washy and self absorbed in my opinion. What kind of consistency is that? What role models are we if we turn our backs on those who most need us? Do the suffering cows, chickens, pigs, cats, dogs, snakes, sheep, birds, rabbits, turtles, ducks, earthworms, ladybirds etc. have a choice too?

The mindset of these value flakes goes something like this: “although I know what happens to make these “foods”, cleaners, etc, I will turn off the knowledge I have accumulated in order to suit every situation in which I find myself, because I cannot offend anyone’s feelings, I want my life to be smooth sailing, and I don’t want to be difficult.”

I think this thought process is absolutely flawed. When we make “exceptions” like these, not only are we making excuses to make our lives easier, but we are throwing away our values that we supposedly hold dear to us. Not only this, but by sticking to our guns and setting an example, we are SHOWING others that it is NOT ok to use others for our pleasure, enjoyment, and NEVER will be, no matter how hard they push. They may think it extreme to fore-go the meat and two veg meal, and the soap from rendering plants, but it is much more extreme to force others to suffer unnecessarily for our products. What others think is NOT important. The ONLY thing that matters is living up to our values we have developed over time. There is no other way to live our lives other than in accordance with the things we think are important, and in this case, the fundamentally understood value that bullying other creatures is WRONG.

I hold people to their word, I expect consistency, I never ask for perfection but am convinced that a person who can so easily drop the core values they hold is someone who is not only lacking profundity, but is also lacking self respect. Tolerance for this value flip flopping is rewarding bad behavior. Pretty soon a value flake will become a value fruit loop!!! Speak up. A friend in need, is a friend in DEED.

Jesus is _


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What has God done for you lately?

Has he cleaned your litterbox for you?

Has he taken your dog for a walk?

Has he paid for your rent, bills or medical expenses?

Has he cooked you dinner?

Has he helped you stop drinking?

Has he helped your sport team win?

Has he cured you mother’s cancer?

Has he rejuvenated your vagina?

Has he helped you get the attention of a lover?

Has he spared your life in an accident but taken everyone else’s?

Has he made you big and strong?

Has he helped you catch your flight?

Has he saved your marriage?

Has he made you thinner?

Has he prevented unwanted pregnancies?

Has he helped your cake rise?

Has he made your hair shiny?

Has he made your gay son suddenly straight?

Has he cured your erectile dysfunction?

Has he made your sex drive stronger?

Has he helped you land that job?

Has he showered you with money to buy more stuff?

Has he made your grass greener than your neighbor’s?

Has he helped your family members do/have all these things?

Surely it must be because you PRAYED so much?????

What do ALL these things have in common?

That’s right, they are all about YOU.

Isn’t it time you began thinking about things OTHER than yourself? You could start by thinking about any of the following things:

  • Your friends (wait, you may already do that to some extent. Let’s expand a bit.)
  • Your colleagues
  • Strangers
  • Other countries
  • Other species
  • The entire planet.

NOW you are beginning to understand what life is all about, and I can tell you sucka, it ain’t about the shit before the photo of the HAND.


  • MAKE REALITY YOUR ENTERTAINMENT by LIVING it. Observe the little things.
  • Please do NOT waste time praying, when you can play an active part in your life, and the life of all beings around you. Religion takes accountability and responsibility away from you and puts it on someone else, as well as excusing bad behavior, and accepting the status quo.

Who is your God? Is it Jesus? Is it Yahweh? Is it Allah? Is your god a man who was a philosopher like Buddah or Confucius? Is your god the father of Jesus? For that matter, do you believe that Zeus is God? Do you believe that Jupiter is God? Do you believe in the many breasted Goddess? Do you believe in fairies? Do you believe in St. Nicholas? The fact is, most of us only believe the lies we are fed depending upon the culture in which we were raised, and that culture is there to control us, manipulate us, and to decide our morality for us. Neither tradition nor culture are reasons to believe in things you cannot see. Loving is magic, but loving unconditionally is not a virtue, for if you permit others to behave in ways which are a detriment to themselves, others or you, you are enabling. We should hold others to high standards always, and this is a protective measure for ourselves. If you give an inch, most people will take a mile. Religion is no excuse to make continual screw ups without consequences, and on who to lay blame when you do things incorrectly or when things go awry, or EVEN when things go as planned. You decide what is right and wrong through mirror neurons, your inherent notions and life long experiences.

I ain’t no sucka. I ain’t no religious muthafucka. I don’t sit on my backside hoping for things to go well. I get up and do things to actively participate in improvement.

Jesus is_ DEAD

Homeboy’s Hummus


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This genuine hummus, or hummous recipe is from the Middle East. It was told to me by a Palestinian man who ran a wonderful shop in my home town. Only 5 simple ingredients. This is my hymn to hummus. Hummus deserves to be praised.

  • Chick Peas boiled
  • Tahini *see photo for brand I use. It is sold in most stores.
  • Lemon juice organic, or fresh squeezed *lot of work the latter, so I buy a jar of juice.
  • 2 heads garlic *you may not use all of the cloves from both, but safe to have two
  • Salt, to taste

NOTICE: you do NOT see extra virgin olive oil on this list. This is because the authentic recipe that I obtained from a native from Palestine did NOT call for it. Olive oil is not added to the hummus, but CAN be drizzled on top with a sprinkle of paprika in a bowl for serving, but NOT for making. NOW you know :)

Let the pictures tell the story.

Soak about 5 C dry chick peas overnight. Next day, wash and rinse, and cover with water about 3 inches over the chick peas. Boil them on high to start, then on med. high for about an hour and a half. Make sure they are not hard. They must be easy to blend into a paste. Chew one to see if they are done. It should be soft. Don’t worry about not using all them in your hummus. If leftovers, why not make a soup with them?

Commence with hummus. Add Joyva tahini 1/2 15 oz. can, then 2 C chick peas, then about 6 good sized cloves garlic, 2 more C chick peas, add tsp salt,  cover ingredients in the lemon juice. BLEND. These numbers aren’t as important as you think. Take a look at the photo below. Get an idea what your blender will look like before you turn it on to mix all the food together. You can ALWAYS add more of anything after you taste.

Look at photos. Make hummus. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It took me a few times to get it right. With a vitamix it is much easier, but I prefer to use what I have, and this blender is still kicking, so I don’t want to be wasteful. Make sure you remove spoon when you turn on blender after you have stopped and pushed down ingredients to bottom of blender. You will do this MANY times with a blender, but in a vitamix it takes about 2 minutes to make. I made hummus once in a vitamix. What a joy that was! Don’t be afraid to add a bit more salt, a bit more tahini, a bit more garlic, or a bit more lemon once it is all blended and you have tasted, to get JUST what you desire! PLEASE taste the hummus! A cook must taste the food to know that it is just right. As you can see from the photos, I make lots of hummus in one go, (This was 3 blenders full) and then I freeze it. It defrosts in a day, and is delicious. Please use glass containers, and do not freeze or heat plastic. Have fun!


Cocoa’s Blender Bling


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Buy some fair trade organic bananas. Cut in pieces, and put in a container in the freezer. Keep them there for a snack, or you can use them for any number of blender blings! I prefer to store in glass containers vs. plastic, and invested in about 15 pyrex glass containers a while ago with rubber tops which make reusing foods amazingly easy.

There is no need for supporting dairy farms to have a milkshake or a vegan smoothie. Nor is there need for honey or refined sugar. Enjoy this very simple vegan milkshake.

Chocolate Fruit Smoothie:

  • Frozen banana pieces about 1/4 a blender full
  • 3 TBSP Raw chocolate powder
  • 2 TBSP Peanut butter. I grind my own at food co-op and store in glass jar.
  • Cover the ingredients in a nut milk about an inch or two over the ingredients. I use THIS RECIPE for my almond/hazelnut milk.
  • 1/2 C organic maple syrup

BLEND for about a minute straight. Lift off top, taste, and add more of anything you think is necessary. It is great to be creative, and let your senses tell you how much to add. Take advantage of your kickin’ improvisational skills.

It is smooth and delicious and will make you all chocolatey inside.

Thai “Ketchup”

Practically Perfect Peanut Sauce:

The recipe is: throw all this stuff into a pot, heat it up on medium-high while stirring frequently (gotta get the peanut butter to break up) until it begins boiling, and then bring the temperature back down. It will end up smooth, and as mentioned, thicker than when it was boiling. Serve on top of veggies, on top of brown rice, on top of rice noodles, on top of bean sprouts, on top of salads, or anywhere you like.

  • 2/3 cups peanut butter*
  • 1.5 cup almond or hazelnut milk, or one can light coconut milk. i use my homemade nut milk
  • 2 1/2 tsp Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (or “Rooster Sauce” as I call it, because of the logo)
  • 1/4 tsp ground pepper
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 4 tbsp maple syrup (get mine bulk from co-op. It’s from Vermont, grade B)
  • 4 tbsp rice vinegar (i use brown rice vinegar)
  • 2 Tsp garlic granules

*The taste of peanut butter varies greatly, and any one will do. To keep the flavor consistent in this recipe by controlling the ingredients, I used freshly ground unsalted peanut butter I got at the local food co-op. Ingredients: peanuts. Period. But if you have adams or another type, use it.

Make this, then tweak it as your taste buds tell you. All nut milks are not alike, so trust your taste buds and add a bit more of vinegar, a bit more of chili sauce etc if need be. This is a great palette to start with, so get the ingredients and get going!

On top of 5 day old mung bean sprouts

On top of brown rice and vegetables

Share the recipe yo

The Spellbinding Spectator Sport of Sprouting


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Spring has Spung in your kitchen.

Remember planting beans in a Styrofoam cup full of soil when you were in kindergarten, and how fun it was to watch them grow? You can have Springtime any season in your kitchen. In less time you can sprout and feed yourself. It takes FOUR to FIVE days ONLY! All you need are a few mason jars, a few tops with holes to cover them, (they are called sprout-ease toppers and cost about $4-$5 for three tops) and all types of legumes or seeds. NUTRIENT DENSE!

I began with 4 TBSP of mung beans.

I poured water into the jar, covered with a top with holes, and left to soak overnight.

Next morning, leaving top on, drain, rinse, swirl, and drain. Turn upside down and leave it. As you can see from the photos, i turn jars upside down and leave in a bowl.

Rinse, swirl and drain whenever you think of it; preferably every few hours.This is not precise, so there is NO need to worry about it. Just watch them grow!

In four or five days, this is what you will see!

Before eating, simply rinse through top, and drain, and use a clean fork to remove. The hulls of the original beans, legumes or whatever you sprout will drain out. Even if you eat one here or there, it is healthy anyway. Splurge on some spindly sprouts. When the sprouts are ready, as in photo above, put in refrigerator, and rinse and drain all liquid out before using a clean fork to put them on your meal. Return to fridge.

Here are some ideas for where to put your sprouts!

Sprouts and peanut sauce

Sprouts on a homeyburger (click for recipe for homeyburger)

Sprouts on Black Beans and Brown Rice

Homemade hummus on homemade bread with red pepper and the following sprouts: lentil, sunflower and broccoli.

Some other foods you can sprout are lentils, sunflowers, broccoli seeds, radish seeds, alfalfa, adzuki beans, and more. Grab someone you love, (or not) and do one of the easiest and most fun things you can do; watch nature take its course, and then eat!

New Year’s Eve picnic with the girlfriend and sprout sandwiches

Be Not Fruitful Nor Multiply


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My lady friend and I have been discussing this for a long time. We both think that everyone living right now should be given the opportunity to live a full, happy, and healthy life. On this subject, I could say a lot more, but will keep it pretty simple. I think the photos speak for themselves. Time to be uncomfortable and look at reality. Be blind no more.

I don’t blame anyone for previous actions, nor children already had. This discussion is only about our actions moving forward. Just as I don’t judge a new vegan for the time before he/she chose to live as cruelty free as possible, I apply that same philosophy to people who have already had children. This is not about the past, but rather, making compassionate choices right NOW which will impact the future; of you, me, the planet, and those to whom we bequeath this disastrous scenario we call Earth.


Where diapers go to RIP. Now they are in diaper heaven!

Most disposable diapers take between 350 to 500 years to decompose.
This means that by the time your baby has grown up, lived a full life, hopefully explored the world, and eventually died of old age, that 2.5 tonnes of diapers from your son/daughter won’t have even begun to decompose.

Those poo and pee filled delights will still be filling a hole, long after your grandchildren have passed away. (Hopefully you will NOT have any) Every year, twenty seven billion of these diapers is going to be retiring to a nearby landfill.

But, it’s not just diapers ruining the world. There is the serious matter that we all want stuff; and yes, even kids of vegan, vegetarian, environmentalist, hippie, liberal, anarchist, and free-thinking parents do too, not to mention how many kids our kids  will add to the problem. We all think we are special, that we deserve to have children, even so arrogant as to think OUR children will turn out to save the world. Stuff, the desire for perfection and control of nature is destroying this beautiful place we call home. We can no longer solely blame corporations, but must also look in the mirror.

Think of all the waste you create in your life. Even the most ecologically minded individual creates a ton of waste; from your childhood diapers to food, toys, other containers, gasoline and petroleum products like plastic bags and bottles, and all the secondary forms of waste created for you at restaurants, supermarkets, all the paper from your jobs that gets thrown in the trash, your technological waste, your medicine bottles, your cleaners and detergents, your body care product containers and the products themselves which many times are not biodegradable, all the clothes and shoes that are made for you your entire life and their leftovers, the factories belching out toxins in order to make items for you….. and on…..and on…….and on……………..and on. Having children doubles that, triples that or even quadruples that. I say, why not end the cycle with you?

The premiere science organization of the United States, the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) recently tried to silence the very issue that is behind many of the problems we face as a planet; the population policy. A small group of scientists wanted to bring this to the attention of other scientists at a booth in Canada, and were turned down based on religious ideology, and an unwillingness yet again on the part of humans to look at the big picture, in order to protect the sensitive nature of society; where you must always concern yourself first with appearances, second a few feelings that may be bruised, and last with facts.Newsflash: you aren’t more special than anyone else. You don’t need to make babies to save the world, support corporations by creating more consumers, take care of you when you are old, nor out-populate other races, species, nationalities, kingdoms, the less intelligent, religions, or other affiliations. You are a blip. You will be forgotten; but by having babies you will make sure to leave your mark on this world via trash.

Your kids will add to the population explosion and destruction of the rest of the planet. The planet is finite. We don’t deserve anything. It is not our “right” to ruin the world for those already living here. We gave that right up when we decided that resources were infinite, that everything was disposable, and that humans were the most important being in the circle of life. We don’t have a duty to continue making more humans. Don’t believe the hype. More human animals=less non human animals. Biology teaches us that everything is a battle for space. More humans=less basic needs for all, worse health care, less possibility of finding a job, less resources, erodes education, and worst of all, ruins a good place to live.

Speaking of plastic trash; ever heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch? The photo above is one of many photos of this “phenomenon”. Do you think that YOUR children do not participate in creating this mess, along with the rest of us? Every single human is responsible, alongside the corporations, and it is time for the non ignorant to do our part and refrain, at least for several years, of adding more people into the mess, and to give the planet some time to recuperate from the burden.

Another massive creator of plastic waste and mountains of garbage is hospitals. Having worked in hospitals, I have born witness to one of the largest consumers of plastic. Where does all this plastic go? Does it all just fill landfills, or does it too end up in the ocean? Fact of the matter is, If people took better care of themselves, most would NOT end up in hospital in the first place, where we strive at all costs to keep people alive who are on death’s door, using new tubes and thick plastic bags full of saline and glucose on the average of 4 times per shift per patient, often using two or three bags each time. The garbage accumulation of gloves, syringes, medicine bottles, tissue boxes, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, cleaning wipes, cleaner bottles, plastic food containers and all of the trash generated in hospitals is enough to horrify anyone who is not in healthcare. More than recycling, we must REDUCE first, and reuse second. Recycling only goes so far. You can reduce by adopting instead of reproducing. If you are concerned with cost, or time, maybe you should reconsider reproducing as it is just as costly, not only to you, but to the rest of us who already live here. You could also consider what I call “social adoption”, and be a mentor with kids already here.

“We can maximize the number of human beings living at the lowest possible level of comfort, or we can try to optimize the quality of life for a much smaller population.” – Garret Hardin

Wear a condom or femidom.

The Most Neglected Animal Rights Issue


Make friends; not babies.

Please type “free condoms (your city)” in your browser.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get Better. It’s not”

- The Lorax, Dr. Seuss


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