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Figuring out what to eat is no easy endeavor.

There are so many different diets, so many different theories, so much information.

And when a person is first diving into the world of health and getting serious about what they are eating, it can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming.

In my decade of covering the food industry, I believe that there are very few people who break it down in a more approachable, easy-to-understand way than Maria Marlowe, a Real Food Evangelist and author of the excellent book The Real Food Grocery Guide.

In our conversation, Maria discusses her own health challenges with food during her teenage years, the importance of being a body detective, the biggest mistakes people make with food, and the one food that people should eat every single day.

Not only will this episode with Maria Marlowe help people better understand the intricacies of food, but listeners will also get some very sage advice that Maria’s grandmother shared with her at a very early age.

Please enjoy!

Resources and Notes from the Show – Website

Maria Marlowe – Instagram

The Real Food Grocery Guide – Book

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