In 2011 when you clicked the photo below, you would be taken to a YouTube channel to watch this woman Rachel, a YouTuber under the name, “Check Your Activism”. check your activism

Years ago there was a person from Toronto named Rachel, claiming she was vegan, who had a YouTube channel called Check Your Activism. She made statements like this: The animals are a perfect group for White people to speak on behalf of. The animals are not going to speak up and disagree with how they are being represented or misrepresented. The white vegans get to swoop down and play the White saviour and rescue them.” She also made comments like: animal whites” activists and white supremacists”, said things like, “have you had your first litre of white tears yet today? I‘m still working on mine!,”  She harped on about the privilege activists had of being white, straight, male, etc.(this was before the word CIS became a thing), and used those descriptions to dismiss animal rights activism by labeling it the pastime of the bourgeoisie; the middle class white person with all the time in the world on their hands. Does any of this sound familiar? It has grown from a few random people in 2011, to a full blown pustule, in the middle of the disease that is vegan intersectionalism, or intersectionalism in general.

Back then on her channel, Rachel was dictating how people should spend their free time; especially white vegans but frequently people of color as well. She made it very clear in her videos that black people were not to do any animal rights activism. To her, animal liberation was not a worthy cause, nor were any causes other than talking about the black experience. She also condemned other black people who were vegan activists who didn’t use their YouTube platforms to discuss the victimhood of being black; for example, a very popular Youtuber, Vegan Gains.

Rachel used YouTube in 2011, as a platform to shame people who did activism for animals. She said animal rights activism was an example of “white supremacy trying to dominate the black experience”. She made video after video denigrating activists based solely on their skin color, assumptions about their socioeconomic status (as if that is a reason to be ashamed) and advised that no vegans who were black should participate in animal rights activity.

In all honesty, Rachel was ahead of her time in 2011. She was exercising intersectionalist behaviors before the intersectionalist label had yet to be thrown around by a large portion of vegans online. Despite calling herself vegan, Rachel went against her own vegan belief that animals should have rights to their own bodies, by smearing activists for animals in general, and demanding other black people do no animal rights related activism. She claimed that before animal rights, came the rights of black and brown people.

Fast forward to 2017, intersectionalists blame white supremacy for the low percentage of black and brown animal rights activists. Despite intersectionalists spending the last 6 years telling black and brown people that they would not be welcome among white animal rights activist circles. The blame, intersectionalist vegans, place squarely on Yt vegans, WhiPipo, Yipipo, Animal whites activists (coined by Rachel herself), white privilege, and white vegans, for keeping the numbers of black and brown vegans to a minimum.

The 2017 intersectionalist vegans make demands that the “YT vegans” should deplatform themselves from speaking engagements, stop talking, go to the back, give black or brown vegans positions of authority in vegan activism circles, use their white vegan bodies to hold up black and brown voices, and many other things like this. At the same time, today’s intersectionalist vegans tell black and brown people that nobody will accept them as activists. Intersectionalist vegans make false claims that the racism of white activists is what has stopped black and brown people from doing activism, and out of the same mouth, they tell black and brown people that being vegan is difficult, mostly unattainable, and that activism is mostly made up of white people.

To recap, Rachel, the middle class, privileged, liberal from Toronto, was one of the first examples of a person of color telling black and brown people to stay away from animal rights activism, and to only advocate on behalf of their black and brown bodily “rights”. She was actively discouraging this population of people from participating, saying that activism for animals was something only white, privileged, racists partook of. Here is one example of the irony of intersectionalists, who decry that nobody should be judged on their color, yet they are the first to swipe at others for that, or make color based insults.

cya tears memeRachel and her then husband, with one of her quotes.

People who continually point out the color, race, sex, or sexual orientation of another person in a discussion that is unrelated to those topics, most likely have little substance to back up their ideas, so they fall back on identity politics. Identity politics is when people point out the color, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, and so on of a person who has an idea, rather than discussing the ideas itself. Rachel was undermining animal rights activism based on the fact that some [color] of vegans were privileged, and therefore needed to acknowledge that privilege, brand themselves with that privilege, and wear it as a badge. To this day it is unclear to me whether she was paid by animal agriculture to put up these videos, or if she was a misguided person, who suffered from self hatred, and was in terrible state of loneliness and needed attention, much like modern day intersectionalists.

sexism ableism racism

When people have most of their basic needs covered, those people are the ones who will lead movements toward justice. They are not struggling to make ends meet, and they begin to look around themselves to see what in their world needs working on, so they begin reshaping society based on injustices. This is normal and natural. It is also a very selfless act to work on behalf of others; in this case, non human animals, once a human has increased their standard of living. This is not a point of shame or embarrassment, but one that is normal and admirable.

One of the many things Rachel would say in her videos back in 2011 were some of these: “Do you think this is really how the animals want to be spoken for? white single issued vegans you are destroying the movement from the inside, out with your lack of education about these issues and your lack of accountability when you get called out on your problematic behaviors. your white privilege benefits you with your ability to ignore things like racism.” Here we have examples of buzzwords that intersectionalists are using today, in 2017. (accountability), (single issue), (called out), (problematic behaviors), (white privilege), (racism).

Instead of making videos supporting veganism, (she said she was vegan, but no evidence was ever found to support this), she made videos about shortcomings in other, more prominent vegans activists, who were doing videos about the non human animal victims of humanity; the most oppressed species on the Earth. Take a look at some titles on her videos “Milk is Bad for You, BUT!”, “Happy Healthy White Vegan Nonsense”,Freelee and Durianrider are White Supremacists. Why Are You Supporting Them?”, “Gary Yourofsky is a White Vegan Racist.”, “When White People Eat Saltine Crackers, Is It Cannabilism?”, “I don’t make videos for White people”. It is clear her agenda on youtube served no purpose other than her ego, to cause hate, to be divisive, and to shit on animal rights.

cya hate myself

Back then when Rachel had her channel on YouTube, she only touched on topics of interest to her, for example, being black. She didn’t mention ever doing any real life activism. Somewhere it was read that she had never been seen at a any vegan/animal rights demonstrations. If she did get out, it was most likely be to help further her own causes, such as being a black, woman, or other self serving causes.

The idea that one advocating for one’s self is a type of activism, in the current year of 2017, is very popular. Self absorbed activism is praised in the mainstream. People get famous online by waxing identity politics. People who decide to tell people they are gay become heroes, women who make claims of sexual assault become heroes, the self activism is considered one of the most praise worthy types. What went wrong? It is backwards that the people who put their lives aside, and focus on the most victimized, enslaved and bullied creatures on the planet are labeled extremist, hostile, angry, and terrorists, while selfish frauds like Rachel are seen as activists or heroes.

This was taken from one of the many posts on her Facebook page in 2011- “Veganism is not racist. The Animal Rights movement is racist. Anyone can be a vegan – this is true! But not everyone can or SHOULD be an Animal Rights activist (especially if you’re a PoC). But again this is just my opinion – I don’t speak for all Black people or PoC. It just makes NO sense to me for PoC to prioritize animal ‘rights’ (which don’t exist) over their own. Black meat eaters get this. White meat eaters get this. Meat eaters GET THIS. What is WRONG with vegans??”

She went as far as linking to articles which belittled people who were white who marched in the civil rights movement, claiming they “had to do it”, as it was a requirement of all liberals, further degrading people who saw injustice in past decades, and who did something about it. Should the white people have not marched? Where would we be now if they had not? Where will the animals be if vegans stop marching for the non human animals?

Rachel linked to this article on her FB page. (Click the photo to take you there)  Here are some quotes from that article: “So you’re white and you marched with Dr. King. You supported the civil rights movement in some way. You joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or you got arrested at a sit-in, or you attended a demonstration. Maybe one late night at a bar, you loudly proclaimed that Dr. King was your homey. So fucking what?”  You cannot please them. They are full of vitriol and you won’t win. If you help people, you are damned. If you don’t help people, you are also damned.

imani gandiImani Gandy, racist blogger, and critic of people who do good things. Click photo of her to read the blog previously mentioned, shared by Rachel.


BACK to my original discussion about the Check your Activism, and the early years of intersectionalism amongst vegans. Here Rachel describes what she coins “animal whites” activists: “The struggle of animals is way more important to them than what is happening to their own species,” she says. Who is them? Humans? White people? Black and brown people who want to stop hundreds of millions of animals from being killed on a daily basis for no reason? You cannot please Rachel or any other intersectionalist vegan. Even if you are white and fighting alongside black and brown people regarding their rights, you are considered guilty of appropriation by Rachel, and many intersectionalists, because “you are stealing their cause“. She often talked about how whites don’t know what it’s like to be oppressed.

Click the photo to go to the article about ferguson psychopaths fergeson pig

Above, I have linked to the Ferguson lynching of a pig, showing the depravity of the self serving activists sating their thirst for blood by displacing their anger at a policeman onto the life of an innocent pig by murdering her, then carving the name of the policemen into her flesh. These “activists” took their revenge out on a policeman by eating the effigy of the policeman in the form of an innocent, murdered animal. This topic is not brought up in defense of the police. It is brought up to show  the hypocrisy of one oppressed group, shouting loudly about their own oppression, who then use their victim status to oppress others.

It’s just not GOOD enough anymore that you don’t care about another person’s color, sex, or sexual orientation. it’ s not good enough that you are a decent person to everyone, and treat everyone fairly, and follow the golden rule. No, that’s not sufficient. Now, you have to feel guilt that you are not the underclass, the underprivileged, the poor, the disabled. You have to acknowledge that you are privileged. To whom I ask must I acknowledge this? I came up with the following suggestion. At any protests in future, we would do well to wear the following on a plaque hanging from our necks: (I AM SORRY. I RECOGNIZE MY WHITE PRIVILEGE AND THE DISCREPANCIES BY WHICH WE ARE ALL TREATED, BUT PLEASE LET ME CONTINUE DOING MY ACTIVISM FOR THE NON HUMANS WHO ARE CONSIDERED NOTHING MORE THAN A TOASTER OR AN APPLIANCE, THANK YOU).

Women & men, blacks & whites, muslims & christians, atheists & religious people, LGBT & heterosexuals: What do 99% of all these people have in common? 99% of them are deluded into thinking it is their human right to use and kill other creatures different to themselves because they look different. 99% believe in the violence of human supremacy. 99% of them use discrimination in their daily lives. Most of them claim to be against discrimination, but practice it at every meal, and every time they shop for clothes. We need to focus on human privilege.

In conclusion, unlike the intersectionalist vegans who want never ending attention, I don’t want to take away from the non humans here, as they are the only serious victims on this planet. I must point out that if you talk about themes like privilege, and also discuss who are the most hated humans on the planet, and who faces the most discrimination as a human, it is always the thinkers. VEGANS, ATHEISTS and ANTINATALISTS who are hands down the most despised and loathed humans. Those who have ideologies that threaten the status quo are the first to be targeted in genocides, not colors nor sexes, (until the recent male and white bashing), not people who were born a certain way. Idealists and intelligent, ambitious people observe injustice, and want to stop it. That is the greatest threat to animal agriculture and other poisonous industries. Being born black, white, male, female, gay, straight, short, tall, crippled, able bodied, doesn’t have anything to do with changing the world. Having ideas, and risking being marginalized for those ideas, does.

2017 revision by, Tram Sraychål